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  1. well.. uhh.. hmmph =( got me there D:

  2. You checked out mine first.

  3. Why you checkin out my profile, HUH?

  4. Yeah, once April 17 is over then I'm free from school until September. And it's so warm and sunny outside!

  5. hmmm, another month has gone bye, i'm such a procrastinator

    its going well... waiting for june to roll by :)

  6. an homage to battle ship :P

  7. Pretty good...I'm looking forward to the end of the semester though...how about yourself?

  8. what's "B-12? miss"?

  9. wow, i'll pretend like i'm not a month late in acknowledging your Hi...

    hows it going

  10. haha well good luck! lol im done everythign for my school for this semester now.... its nice to be done

  11. Pft. It was still a 5 goal game. 4-1 'Yotes. Urg. That's no good. Keep at it, girl! I'm sure you'll pull through. :]

  12. yay good job :D

    i'm trying to finish up ss, i have a bunch of posts left to make, as well as an essay and the exam. hahaha i'm so ridiculous...1000 words, in one night. minimal research. i'm hoping for a 4/6.

  13. haha thats good... yeah i cant wait to be done this semester too i finished bio already today and than i am just finishing up history right now and than im doing my math exam tommorrow and the last english assignment tonight/tommorrow morning and than the final exam and than im all done!! except history and bio provincials... im soo close!