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  1. hahaha I wasn't even on...what happened? why did it get locked/deleted again?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. wtpasc


      that's lame. Doesn't that mean that the inappropriate commenters are the ones running the show?

    3. BruinsForCup2011


      A few bad apples spoil the bunch!

    4. Citizen Erased

      Citizen Erased

      That's the way the cookie crumbles.

  2. btw sorry for the late reply =P. just coming out of my "hibernation" on CDC. I take it this is Mattwn? haven't seen you in awhile!

  3. hahaha he'll be rotating the "A" with the others so that's good enough!!!

  4. lol you have to minus the 1267 posts from White noise since it doesn't count!

    am has 2042 k? are still have more posts than am!

  5. have most posts than me! when did THAT happen? *LE GASP*

    lol i've been slacking as a fan for the last 6 years :( *hangs head in shame*

    kthxbai plz k thx endoooooooooplasmsz? hehe

  6. New board looks awesome! For haters, scroll down and select "IP. Board"

  7. Yes i fackinnnn love tha show <3333 :)

  8. Lol I take it you're a supernatural fan eh?

  9. BBLEHH is amazing. I hearts the double B's and double H's on either end, k? so incredibly badazzs lol.

  10. Remember, don't stress, k? And when you can, give me some sign of your existence lol. Am starting to worry :(

  11. *hugs* PM me and let me know lol I can't guess on here LOL.

  12. =( you know its pathetic when you can't sleep at night whenever you think about stuff from van city....especially you know who...