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  1. He's listed as 6'5 216lbs. Blocks shots and hits like mad. This is a very good deal.
  2. Both picks were from 2016
  3. Still trading with Florida... No shock here. mccann is another young centre, when we have others comparable and farther along. Couple of picks list but second is the only one with any value. Bet the benning critics are a little quieter today
  4. There's a lot of promise in the top five this year. I'll take any of them. Tkachuk would be the dream though assuming Matthews is gone.
  5. I'll add again for like the tenth time in this thread.... i still wear the burrows jersey even after the questionable defendability of his actions after his chirping incidents. I really respect the path he took and the relentlessness of becoming and staying an nhl player. His slay the dragon goal was a great example of his awareness and ability for thievery, and jump. There is still an element of his game that is needed on this team. I am starting to like this line with him, Vey and Etem. Craftiness, playmaking and speed. They aren't superstars by any means but there's something happening when that line hits the ice. May take until next year until there's a true chemistry there and that's the problem. This roster isn't done changing. Mat the time of burrows signing he had come off of four very productive years with the Sedins and in the playoffs at a 2 million dollar cap hit. His 4.5 per year was a reward for those years. Looking at it purely from the perspective of today it seems excessive but it had value at the time. I would still like to see him stay however at a reduced price around 2-3 per year. He still has some things to teach these kids. A couple more seasons, retire in our jersey then walk off into the sunset. Maybe the year we win the cup in 2018. Go out like Peyton, lol. I hope he doesn't go out like Morrison.
  6. If these guys want to play at 45with a league minimum contributing a hard 8 minutes a game on the third line while he kids bang around, so be it. Sign them. They have given so much to this franchise, you say yes every time. I can say this because these are reasonable men. They aren't going to push the envelope further than they need to. I see another short term (2-4 years) maxcontract with a smaller cap hit, hoping to have a crack at the cup with a new younger more energized core. We owe them that. All four of these guys will go out that way. Burrows by virtue of his path in, Hansen by his tenacity. The guys called him the honey badger for a reason.
  7. I think he's playing his cards pretty well actually. As in any card game every card has different values at different times. Sometimes it's better to play a 10 than an ace, sometimes it's better to play a 5 instead of a 10 and an A. At the time of the transaction it looks positive. As time develops situations change, and re has to reshuffle his hand. And every gm has a hand of their own, the variable of the results of the players actions dictate how all hands need to be shuffled and played, all while having a system of rules to limit stacking of the hands, ensuring even distributions of the results. Try it. Dare ya. I think he's making good strides forwards, promising just enough hope to sell the product, and knowing full well his team is gaining experience, the fans are learning the transition of cheering for a new generation of players, and we are going to be in the running for a roster changing pick out of the top 4-5 kids available in this next draft. 2011 is dead, this team is getting a transfusion of epic porportions, while players like the sedins, Hansen and burrows, who all bleed Canuck blue, show these kids what it means to be a Canuck. Sedins teach class and work ethic, community involvement, while Hansen and burrows teach tenacity, drive and humility. As tough as this transition is, I love watching them shows signs of what be. This will not be an Oilers rebuild, because we have leadership with heart. Benning, linden and willie care. This is the makings of a championship team. I'm just glad Benning is this time building a team, that we want to see win in this building.
  8. Get down there early to catch all the pregame stuff . Doors are open at 6 or 6:30. a cheap place to park is in Chinatown on keefer. It's just on the other side of the soccer field from the stadium and is only a few bucks unlike everything else there at $20-$30 there are good eats and pints all over, use urbanspoon or zomato to find things near the stadium. I quick cheap eats ar sw hat you crave, try the Costco cafeteria across from the gate near the sky train. Hotdog and a pop $1.50. Not getting that deal inside the stadium.
  9. If you mean eating Marc Crawford than no thanks. If you mean that an aging kesler with a banged up frame, for McCann, Sutter, sbisa et all than yes This trade may have been lopsided in the immediate perception but once long term realizations are accrued, than we will be ok.
  10. Round 2 pick 32 Conan the brabarian. Hehe. For real? Number three in your programs but number one in your hearts Kevin boom boom Bieksa But only because my number 14 jersey is already picked
  11. There is a time and place for extra cheering. This arena is a bit passive even when provoked in the right spots. A few years back before the epic Playoff series, I was at a Nashville reg season game, down 3-2, approx 2-3 minutes left, face off time. I try to start a go canucks go. Doesn't fly. I wind up being the only guy standing up and yelling. And I went for a full 30 seconds or more. Ask any European soccer fan a chant for their team, they'll have a bunch. Not saying we have to hooligan it up a few games to ignite some energy, but the only thing we have is the "woooo" after a goal. Sometimes the energy in the building is what feeds the players. They have their own agenda and drive, but you can't measure the intangibles. A collective will of the fans will be passed onto the players. They will feel it. Not in our arena though. The ushers make sure of that.
  12. For October 18. I've already locked down tickets to the game from my boss. The Kevin bieksa game will be fun too. The real ones I can't wait for is every playoff game.
  13. The mic'd up stuff was great. "Want a hug?" To the ref. funny guy. He's earning points back with the refs slowly. Watching that video shows me why I like wearing his jersey to games. He never shuts up, and he's a positive team guy. Great for team morale, he's enthusiastic, works hard and does a lot of good things on the ice. If he plays his whole career here, and bieksa may fall into this category too, Ring of Honour material. He's no superstar by any means but he's a great glue guy.
  14. He is a spark plug for this team. It's why he got the dollars he does, it's why he gets the minutes... And I think that him slumping had an errant effect on the team too, they all have a tonne of respect for him and it was like a voodoo curse on them when he's misfiring. It may benefit the team and the canucks to separate the sedins. Burrows work, Henriks passing and jensens rifle, seems to be working well. And then you get the sniper Kesler has needed all along in Daniel, and give them the versatile Higgins. Not bad top six.
  15. I hope we really need him, I bought a burrows jersey today!