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  1. suggestions for game day experience

    Get down there early to catch all the pregame stuff .  Doors are open at 6 or 6:30. a cheap place to park is in Chinatown on keefer.  It's just on the other side of the soccer field from the stadium and is only a few bucks unlike everything else there at $20-$30 there are good eats and pints all over, use urbanspoon or zomato to find things near the stadium. I quick cheap eats ar sw hat you crave, try the Costco cafeteria across from the gate near the sky train.  Hotdog and a pop $1.50.  Not getting that deal inside the stadium. 
  2. ** Anybody Ready to eat crow ?**

    If you mean eating Marc Crawford than no thanks. If you mean that an aging kesler with a banged up frame, for McCann, Sutter, sbisa et all than yes This trade may have been lopsided in the immediate perception but once long term realizations are accrued, than we will be ok.
  3. All Time Canuck Draft Pick Game

    Round 2 pick 32 Conan the brabarian. Hehe. For real? Number three in your programs but number one in your hearts Kevin boom boom Bieksa But only because my number 14 jersey is already picked
  4. Rogers arena is too quiet during canucks game

    There is a time and place for extra cheering. This arena is a bit passive even when provoked in the right spots. A few years back before the epic Playoff series, I was at a Nashville reg season game, down 3-2, approx 2-3 minutes left, face off time. I try to start a go canucks go. Doesn't fly. I wind up being the only guy standing up and yelling. And I went for a full 30 seconds or more. Ask any European soccer fan a chant for their team, they'll have a bunch. Not saying we have to hooligan it up a few games to ignite some energy, but the only thing we have is the "woooo" after a goal. Sometimes the energy in the building is what feeds the players. They have their own agenda and drive, but you can't measure the intangibles. A collective will of the fans will be passed onto the players. They will feel it. Not in our arena though. The ushers make sure of that.
  5. What game will you look forward to watching?

    For October 18. I've already locked down tickets to the game from my boss. The Kevin bieksa game will be fun too. The real ones I can't wait for is every playoff game.
  6. [Article] The impact of Derek Dorsett on the Canucks

    I like Derek Dorsett. I like th fact that he played with willie back in Medicine Hat. Willie would know how to get him in the feels when he needs to. There are a lot of players who can do the job he does, but knowing how to get your car into the next gear properly and timed correctly while cornering wins races. I also like the fact that he made it into a Malcolm Gladwell book as an outlier. Derek is born in December and according to Gladwells book "Outliers" he has had the toughest road of all minor hockey players in order to make the NHL. Players a year older than him in the same divisions and rep teams are smarter, bigger, stronger and faster. Kudos to Mr. Dorsett for persevering. I'd be happy to have drafted him in the third round. Good move Benning
  7. Winnipeg.... All 3 make it in. Of course I would like to see LA out
  8. No Hearing for Toffoli

    The (Bur)rows coloured glasses?
  9. [Call Up] Ronalds Kenins to join Canucks

    Valk said today that it seems like the canucks lacklustre inconsistent play seemed to stop when kenins was slotted in. He does have a good energy and will behind him. It's great to see him and Horvat have some success and see how it affects Hansen, although the Badger doesn't need much encouragement, but I do see a difference in Janniks game when he's with them. That's a hell of third line to play against, even in the playoffs should they continue this way. Marc Crawford has been talking about this kid for a while, now we know why....
  10. West Coast Express Era Almost All Gone

    I dealt blackjack to Brendan Morrison and Jarko Ruuttu in winter 03. I had just moved here and picked up clues from the others in the casino, dealers and players. Brendan was really nice and respectful, to the point where I almost missed that he was a hockey player. Jarko had the biggest mitts I had ever seen. I can palm 20 chips to pay a bet, but 20 chips seemed lost in his hands. I didn't realize who they were until the other dealers told me about the backup goaltender at the craps table, who wound up being Petr Skudra and was a big fan of the craps table and had been a regular. The best but not completely full of $&!# about it.
  11. I've only read the last page, but I seriously hope this thread becomes "Burrows, do we really need him" by clutch.... Kass is a temperamental man child. I love it. An absolute beast when unleashed, but sometimes moody. He'll mature nicely. He grew up as a child in a mans body. A bit ADD maybe. Who cares. He's a decent hockey player, his world junior performance wasn't a one off and I'll hopefully be cheering him for a while as a canuck. Patience......
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    The mic'd up stuff was great. "Want a hug?" To the ref. funny guy. He's earning points back with the refs slowly. Watching that video shows me why I like wearing his jersey to games. He never shuts up, and he's a positive team guy. Great for team morale, he's enthusiastic, works hard and does a lot of good things on the ice. If he plays his whole career here, and bieksa may fall into this category too, Ring of Honour material. He's no superstar by any means but he's a great glue guy.
  13. Canucks Playoffs

    While I share your enthusiasm, I don't expect to win. That being said there is a glimmer of hope if all of the following happen. Nashville wins the conference and draws 8 seeded LA. That way it's a smash up of two big teams. Ana wins the pacific and draws 7 seed Wpg. Wpg has a Cinderella run of their own and beats up Ana as they've already shown they can do. Chi dismantles St. Louis but loses players in the battle. The canucks draw SJ and Miller saves the series winning in 5 or 6 so that we aren't too tired. Nashville gets Chicago, canucks get Wpg. Nashville-Chicago probably goes in favour of Nashville but you can never count out Toews. Let's say Nashville gets through in 7 a little battered and worn. The canucks beat Wpg mostly because their goaltending falls apart. The conference final is tough but because Nashville is limping from to tough seven game series we squeak through in 6. We draw a battered islanders team that got smashed up going through the likes of Pitts, mtl, TB.... Even though miller gets injured early in the final, Lack steps up and shuts down the islanders exacting revenge for the "seven-in-one-blow" and for an '82 finals drubbing that he wasn't alive for. Wait. I forgot to capitalize the word "IF". We'd need a lot of help from the hockey gods, willie Desjardins karma, Jim bennings favours, and Trevor lindens charm. Oh and it's more likely that the east keeps the cup this year with the improvements most of the big guns out there have done. TB, Mtl, Nyi, nyr, maybe Nash, are my favourites but will still keep praying to the gods
  14. [GDT] Coyotes @ Canucks: Friday 14 November - 7PM PST

    The three games in 4 nights will weigh heavy. Especially at the tail end of a road swing. Coyotes don't have a chance. Won't call it a blowout by any means but am looking to see if Horvat can put one in. All lines are firing, contributing in different ways. 5-3 canucks