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  1. I think the most recent one of the compensation happened at the June 2015 draft. Chicago received the 54th overall pick as compensation for not being able to sign Kevin Hayes (1st round 24th Overall pick of 2010)
  2. The team should not be banking on the last game to determine the playoff spots but Last day of the season is the 11th of April and all 30 teams are scheduled to play on that day and luckily(depends on how you look at it) the Canucks are playing the last and final game of the NHL 2014-2015 season The schedule for the 11th of April for the teams discussed above (Calgary, Winnipeg, LA) Calgary vs Winnipeg starts at 12PM PDT which will end around 3PM LA vs San Jose also starts at 12PM PDT which will end around 3PM as well And Finally, Vancouver vs Edmonton starts at 7PM PDT So if the race for the Pacific 2, 3 and Wild 2 spots are as close as it has been the last few weeks and if it happens that the playoff picture is determined on the last day we will know before the puck drop where other teams stand.