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  1. Exactly, rail is a permanent solution. Large scale bus routes are patchwork at best and never really totally solve the main issue at hand
  2. You mean when his name is pronounced properly. Some days it's bieksa playing well, others it's bieska, others it's biekska. Sometimes even beeksa
  3. I know this isn't rapid transit related but does anyone have a mock up of what highway 1 will look like in 2 years when its done? I'm talking about all the construction around willingdon/kensington turnoffs around 8 rinks and costco.
  4. But he sure gets the UFC name out there. Dana white's name is almost synonymous with UFC, and he only needs to make a comment about anything to get people thinking UFC.
  5. Skytrain stations should have those bus stop times, so that when I get off the train I can decide whether or not to run down the stairs for the bus
  6. Yeah I agree, I have the philosophy that if we aren't doing it right, why should we then award ourselves a contract when the deal is way better outside the country. It's sorta like your mom buying you ice cream even though you failed your test.
  7. But how much of the engine is rebuilt? But if the bus engine lasts 15 years after being used everyday, how come car manufacturers make cars that last just as long? And when you say our buses, do other buses not have self loosening screws?