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  1. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Third and fourth line carried the team all year, too bad they didn't have a first and second line this year
  2. {Trade Deadline} What to expect

    Nothing unless the team owners are pulling his strings
  3. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    Bum that couldn't get a good trade if it was handed to him, nor does he know how to negotiate a contract without the words no trade. Fire him quick befor he gets nothing for the teams other star players before they bolt.
  4. Linden For Gm

    Linden for Gm is no more a joke compared to what Gillis has done he's handcuff this team unless everyone decides they want out cause Gillis ducked up what Nonis had going and traded away his draft picks that are first line players on other teams. What a bonehead Gillis is I'd fire him quick before more fans turn and run just like the players,
  5. Linden For Gm

    Linden could do no worse than an useless player agent that sucked as a Gm.
  6. Do you trust MG to make a good Kesler trade?

    No chance they need a real GM not someone who relied on previous management decision and the traded away the talent that was supposed to be added not traded for bums. Look at the way he screwed the goalie thing and if you actually thing he could manage anything right then the team owners are the biggest idiots of all.
  7. Problems with Sedins

    Problem is Gillis is an idiot. He's done nothing for this team he flucked out in 2011 with a couple moves but has done nothing since. Bad signings looking for stupid powerforwards at all cost, giving away guys that could have actually helped the lineup in Grabner and Hodgson. Not to mention all those dam no trade clause to almost everyone on the team. Gillis has signed bums and his defence is way overrated Edler should of been let go with Booth and Higgins. This team is screwed thanks to Gillis with no talent in the cupboards. FIRE GILLIS now he's fracked this team for the foreseeable future.
  8. CBC is a joke

    Canucks are a joke.
  9. (discussion) Why not put Booth on waivers?

    Time. For Booth to go
  10. A new and better Luongo?

    As if! He's a never was and has never been the same since his groin injury before he signed that horrible contract. He's just a slightly better version of Dan Clutes. Lots of wins during the regular season but chokes in the playoffs. Now he's even more like Dan and you can guarantee he'll let you back in the game because he was never a Brodeur or ROY just a dreamer who believed his own hype and needed his tires pumped just ask Tim Thomas. He'll go down as overrated and never being able to win the big one and sorry the olympics with a stacked defensive core doesn't count and he did let them tie it in the last minute.
  11. Things you think Torts does better than AV

    They played in the weakest division in hockey during AV's whole tenure so forgive me if I don't believe the AV hype. They easily padded their stats playing the majority of their games against their own division and made due on their own talents alone. When the other teams in you division are bottom feeders ie. Colorado and Edmonton are in complete rebuilds with Calgary in denial of their rebuild. It make it pretty simple to win the division with out trying much as evident by AV's coaching efforts. When they reached the playoffs it was a different story and they almost losing again to Chicago for a third time after blowing a 3 game lead. It was pure drive and desire of the team to succeed. Not any coaching by the guy that was outcoached in every playoff series. Kesler goning postal in one series as an example of how it was the player not AV's brilliant system that made them a success. Prime example is how is AV doing in the NY compared to Torts in Van.
  12. Things you think Torts does better than AV

    Av totally sucked period he should of been gone years ago if they had a coach with an idea they would of won the cup a couple times during AV's tender
  13. Jannik Hansen

    Raymond are you kidding me a guy who disappears after the start of the season when guys start waking up and get going.Raymond had one good season thanks to Kesler after that nothing, especially down the stretch when he disappears and plays his peremiter game. Hansen atleast plays hard and has improved every year. Now is his time and he should be primed as where Raymond has declined every year period. Hansen either takes a step forward this year or will be a solid bottom 6 for this team. Raymond however will have a good start in TO this year and then cool off as normal this is his last shoot so he better play his ass off this year if he wants a job next year.
  14. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    lol! How about Luongo finally traded AV fired Canucks offence explodes under new head coach Canucks would of won the cup with AV No Canuck dynasty thanks to AV