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  1. Third and fourth line carried the team all year, too bad they didn't have a first and second line this year
  2. Bum that couldn't get a good trade if it was handed to him, nor does he know how to negotiate a contract without the words no trade. Fire him quick befor he gets nothing for the teams other star players before they bolt.
  3. Linden for Gm is no more a joke compared to what Gillis has done he's handcuff this team unless everyone decides they want out cause Gillis ducked up what Nonis had going and traded away his draft picks that are first line players on other teams. What a bonehead Gillis is I'd fire him quick before more fans turn and run just like the players,
  4. Linden could do no worse than an useless player agent that sucked as a Gm.
  5. Raymond are you kidding me a guy who disappears after the start of the season when guys start waking up and get going.Raymond had one good season thanks to Kesler after that nothing, especially down the stretch when he disappears and plays his peremiter game. Hansen atleast plays hard and has improved every year. Now is his time and he should be primed as where Raymond has declined every year period. Hansen either takes a step forward this year or will be a solid bottom 6 for this team. Raymond however will have a good start in TO this year and then cool off as normal this is his last shoot so he better play his ass off this year if he wants a job next year.
  6. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lol! How about Luongo finally traded AV fired Canucks offence explodes under new head coach Canucks would of won the cup with AV No Canuck dynasty thanks to AV