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  1. I agree and made the same point earlier. Worst logo in the league. If at least the logo was just an Orca, it would be better. Or just a C for Canuck. But since an Orca has nothing to do with a Canuck, the "geniuses" in charge had find a way of turning a whale into a Canuck....and hence the current half orca, half "C". How pathetic, cluttered and contrived. I will never buy anything with that ridiculous logo on it.
  2. Yes, I hope so. The much needed and long awaited "rebuild" has been delayed due to the 4 year contract given to them by Gillis. Finally we can say goodbye to these two stalwarts after this year. Great careers, great people....thank you very much. Time to turn the page.
  3. He will return, probably in a couple of years. The KHL is unreliable and the money in Russia is not the same since the price of oil tanked. He will return probably in 3 years, just when out young prospects start getting good. That's what I'm hoping for anyway!
  4. I have watched the Canucks almost since day 1 and I've hated the orca ever since it was introduced. I can cheer for the players and hate the logo if I want to. As if the Orca is not cartoonish...when have you ever seen an orca baring it's teeth. Sad attempt to appear "fearsome". Sadly, the orca is abysmal and is the worst logo in the NHL...seriously....show me one that is worse. Our logo should be Johnny Canuck or the Stick and Rink.
  5. Disappointing words from Benning, if I take it at face value. The great Tanev and Edler have led our team to 28th and 29th place finishes. No one, except maybe Bo, is untouchable. I don't buy it that he's not tipping his hand and playing coy with the media. If he is actually thinking of trading either one of them, then he could simply say "we are looking at all options to make our team better" and leave it at that.
  6. I read to the bottom. You didn't define "dynasty" but I'll venture to say it means multiple Stanley Cups. At this point, I'd be happy with one. Then we can talk about more.
  7. "Very well"? Uh, nope. There is a miniscule chance we make the playoffs. More likely, we finish near the bottom of the league, again.
  8. How about we win one Cup. Then talk about winning more. At this point, making the playoffs seems a long way away.
  9. I think 5 years is realistic. Remember; every team we're chasing will be adding talent each draft too and it's not enough for Benning to just "hold his own" at the draft table. For us to improve and surpass the competition, he must draft BETTER than the competition. That is going to be hard to do.
  10. A non-issue. Canucks fans....you better get ready for a steady diet of Oilers for the foreseeable future. I shudder to think how long it will take to build a team capable of beating them.
  11. I stopped reading when the writer said our goaltending was not good. Miller was outstanding this year and probably is our MVP. Goaltending was the only strength we had this year! What else does the writer get wrong?
  12. And all that skill helped us to a 29th place finish. At this point, we're 3-5 years away from being competitive, so Sutter is just a placeholder. He'll be irrelevant and likely gone when we're competitive again.
  13. Beautiful logos. Either would be better than the crapping whale.
  14. Bang on. Dump the stupid whale logo. How did we get the worst logo in the league? Really....look at all the NHL logos and show me one that is worse. There isn't one. Go with Johnny Canuck...now that is a Canuck. Since we're in a rebuild...lets include the logo and refresh the uniform. The colors are beautiful...keep those.
  15. Welcome Green Machine. Logical choice, although a bit light on experience. Doesn't matter anyway...Canucks are rebuilding and Travis Green will grow with the players. Nothing wrong with that...we aint' winning anything for a few seasons. Linden and Benning now have their man for the next 4 years. I wonder if they'll last to see the end of that contract?