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  1. Shocking and sad news. I liked Botch...he was colourful and opinionated, entertaining. As a long time, frustrated and disappointed Canucks fan, when he ripped the Canucks, I felt like he was speaking for me. RIP man. Sincere condolences to his family.
  2. Bingo. Exactly my point. A whale is not a Canuck.
  3. Symbol of the west coast? So are cedar trees, salmon, rain and the ocean, but they have nothing to do with a Canuck and don't belong on the uniform. The logo should match the nickname and a whale is not a Canuck. EVERY other team in the NHL has a logo that fits the team name or city. Except us...we still cling to a corporate symbol of the previous owner. What a piece of crap. Johnny Canuck or the Stick and Rink. I ain't buying anything else.
  4. Good argument here for PK, but I'd be very leery of using our #10 pick to get him. That pick, if used on a D man, would likely yield a player who will play when PK's current deal is up. I hope Benning plays hardball...Nashville needs to clear cap. We're doing them a favour by taking this huge contract...the price has to be reasonable and not our first rounder this year.
  5. You are either nuts or a closet Oilers fan. This trade would guarantee we don't make the playoffs, ever. One player does not make a team!
  6. 2 year contract max for Edler, or 3 years with no trade protection in year 3. We cannot be in a position where we have to protect him in the Seattle expansion draft. I don't have any confidence that Benning will get this right. Has he signed anyone to a good contract?
  7. What an acheivement! Yay...let's celebrate! 50 years with no Cup. Thanks for the reminder Canucks; 50 years of futility. And we are still years off for a championship. Ridiculous anniversary logo.
  8. Thank you. Excellent. EP can season in Sweden for 3 more years then. He should be ready then!
  9. My only concern is his contract status. A drafted player who does not sign for 2 years becomes draft eligible again. Can this happen with EP? Otherwise, no concerns. He's still a kid and Canucks will suck again next year. What's the rush? He'll get bigger and stronger and be that much better in 2019-20.
  10. wtf? Pettersen for captain? How ridiculous. He won't even make the Canucks next year. How about let the kid develop, at his own pace and let him become a good NHLer before even thinking about the C. The Oilers made McDavid captain after his first year....a huge mistake. They should have just let the kid play...now he has to deal with being captain of a losing team at age 21. No way I want that for any of our young players.
  11. This topic is about Elias Petterson. Moderator.....enough already. Can you tell these guys to please shut the &^@# up about McDavid. thank you