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  1. Shocking and sad news. I liked Botch...he was colourful and opinionated, entertaining. As a long time, frustrated and disappointed Canucks fan, when he ripped the Canucks, I felt like he was speaking for me. RIP man. Sincere condolences to his family.
  2. Bingo. Exactly my point. A whale is not a Canuck.
  3. Symbol of the west coast? So are cedar trees, salmon, rain and the ocean, but they have nothing to do with a Canuck and don't belong on the uniform. The logo should match the nickname and a whale is not a Canuck. EVERY other team in the NHL has a logo that fits the team name or city. Except us...we still cling to a corporate symbol of the previous owner. What a piece of crap. Johnny Canuck or the Stick and Rink. I ain't buying anything else.
  4. Good argument here for PK, but I'd be very leery of using our #10 pick to get him. That pick, if used on a D man, would likely yield a player who will play when PK's current deal is up. I hope Benning plays hardball...Nashville needs to clear cap. We're doing them a favour by taking this huge contract...the price has to be reasonable and not our first rounder this year.
  5. You are either nuts or a closet Oilers fan. This trade would guarantee we don't make the playoffs, ever. One player does not make a team!
  6. 2 year contract max for Edler, or 3 years with no trade protection in year 3. We cannot be in a position where we have to protect him in the Seattle expansion draft. I don't have any confidence that Benning will get this right. Has he signed anyone to a good contract?
  7. What an acheivement! Yay...let's celebrate! 50 years with no Cup. Thanks for the reminder Canucks; 50 years of futility. And we are still years off for a championship. Ridiculous anniversary logo.