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  1. Welcome Green Machine. Logical choice, although a bit light on experience. Doesn't matter anyway...Canucks are rebuilding and Travis Green will grow with the players. Nothing wrong with that...we aint' winning anything for a few seasons. Linden and Benning now have their man for the next 4 years. I wonder if they'll last to see the end of that contract?
  2. Boo. I like 650 radio just the way it is....classic rock and pop tunes!
  3. Very disappointed in Tryamkin leaving. Maybe it was ice time, but I'll bet it was more about language and family...his wife probably hated the rain here and missed her family. Another kick in the balls for Canucks fans. God damn I'm so tired us of never getting a friggin break. The future just got bleaker.
  4. Agreed...I cannot stand the orca. With our team near the bottom of the standings and in a total rebuild, it's time to retire that logo. Stick and Rick or Johnny Canuck all the way.
  5. Bang on. Miller certainly earned his salary in his 3 years with us and has been a great leader. One of Benning's first signings and maybe the best.
  6. Agreed. Pratt has an ego like no one else. Whenever he has a guest to interview he starts by telling them what he thinks, then waits for them to agree. When they don't agree...he restates his opinion and says "c'mon...work with me". Idiot.
  7. Has Jake been let go? I didn't hear the news if so. Pratt is a moron but I like Sat and the gal they have on. They always call Pratt on his BS and make more sense than he does.
  8. This draft is a crap shoot and I'm not going to twist myself into a pretzel overthinking who they should pick. But this I know: There will be impact players selected in this draft (I dunno who, but there is in every draft) and Benning MUST find at least one of them. His future and the Canucks depends upon it.
  9. I have nothing but admiration for the classy Sedins and the great careers they have had. But when their contracts are done next year, I want to see them retire. IMO they will not be effective as 3rd liners and I'd rather see young prospects get the first and second line ice time. The Canucks are in for a LONG rebuild and many years out of the playoffs. Time to emphasize developing the young guys.
  10. After the presser, I'm left wondering what ownership is thinking. They cannot be happy with 2 consecutive lousy seasons and must be wondering if Linden & Benning are the management team to rebuild the Canucks. Personally, I would like to hear more from Acquilini...to assure us that they are on the same page as managment.
  11. Voyage to the Bottom of the Standings
  12. Oh Tiger, you've lost it man. To put all the blame on Linden is simplistic and wrong. The owners call the shots, ultimately and I"m sure they told Benning and Linden that they have no stomach for a rebuild. Especially after they agreed to sign the 4 year contracts for the Sedins. Those contracts have made it impossible to do what we needed to to; rebuild the team. The Ericksson signing is more of the same...trying to put a bandaid on a bad team. What a disaster that contact was.
  13. Benning labled Sutter a "foundational player" when he traded and extended him. What exactly does he do that is foundational? I dont' see anything.
  14. I would love to see best on best at the Olympics, but at the same time, when will the games be on? I have no interest in watching hockey in the middle of the night, no matter who is playing. I understand the owners point of view,,,they get almost no benefit from shutting down the season. Growing the game internationally is the job of the IIHF, not the NHL.
  15. We don't need to tank, because we suck. And we will be worse when the Sedins retire. We can't score and we can't defend. Only the stellar play of Miller this year has kept us out of last place in the league. Folks...prepare yourselves. The Canucks are going to be ugly for a few years...I don't see the playoffs for the forseeable future. The Oilers have gone 11 years without making the playoffs.. a streak that they will break this year and it took luck (McDavid) to acheive that. That is how bad it can get folks.