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  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... Or three in the bush I guess. I get the "they're nothing until they're something" side of things, and you know what you're getting in Dahlin and Heiskanen.
  2. You first. You can't call Benning the worst GM in the league among other, worse things, and "prove it" by cherry picking some low risk moves that didn't work (and a signing that had promise but clearly didn't work out). Quit trolling or back up your extreme statements. Crap, I shoulda known I'd be late to the party.
  3. Agreed, and "Officer Tatum" isn't a source I'd trust to give me the facts on the case. Breonna Taylor's BF yelled out asking who it was before firing, and even then fired towards the ground in the hopes of wounding whoever it was. The cops never identified themselves, and fired recklessly.
  4. Bingo. And I wasn't going to bother to read this thread beyond much of the first page, but I kept going and I'm glad to know how some posters actually think. Some I might disagree with on hockey, but have appreciated their stance here. Others, well, others have just shown where they stand on racism.
  5. Conservative shills, or at least the first two are. Black people can just be after the money as well, in spite of it going against the larger interest of improving their lives and the lives of those within their race.
  6. I'd be pretty surprised to see Rathbone and Hughes together on a pairing, particularly at the stage of their careers they'll be in in a few years and listed as the top line. For them to be comfortable holding those minutes with that responsibility I'd be surprised if Edler was still around even. Looking more at styles and assuming development/potential, I'd lean more to Juolevi and Hughes together, with Rathbone and Meyers potentially paired up. No idea who else we'd bring in as well in the next couple years to switch that up (does Woo make an impact by then, free agent signing, trade?) but gives some options style-wise. Wait, what thread am I in again?
  7. We aren't talking about Woo and junior, we're comparing to Juolevi and the AHL. College may be men, but it's a lower level of competition with more rest and training. AHL is arguably the second best league in the world (with the KHL being the main competition). How Rathbone does against pro competition is yet to be seen. Juolevi was quietly putting up a solid season this year in the pros.
  8. That's pretty debatable. Rathbone has skill, but has only played at the college level as his highest point. Juolevi has dealt with injuries, but brings his own skill and a reasonably solid defensive game - something Rathbone still has to work on to be successful in the NHL.
  9. He was a later bloomer so it was a difficult prediction. He didn't have the skills at that point to show he'd be NHL quality and had a lot of development left. He worked hard though and it got him this far, hopefully he continues.
  10. Meh. I'm underwhelmed. Kraken seems a little AHL, but is ok. The colours and logo are pretty soft though for a team (and mascot) that should inspire a little more fear.
  11. The Canucks had the most fights and hits (or close) in the playoffs in 2011. The Bruins really were more of a goon squad that were allowed to exceed the rules. If the playoffs had been officiated even part way properly, the Bruins wouldn't have made it past the 2nd round.
  12. elvis15

    opting out

    Why the hell would you have considered cheering for Calgary over them? I'm not surprised you'd say that. You seem like that type of poster.
  13. Sekeres with a generic tweet and no source. Dhaliwal also saying it but he isn't what he used to be. Very little smoke to that supposed fire.
  14. The one comment I saw involving Benning (from back in the thread talking about the rumour he'd be moving on) was he wanted to be more autonomous/have less oversight. There are a lot of people involved at the top though, starting with Benning. Hopefully that means we can afford to lose someone of Brackett's calibre and it isn't too many cooks in the kitchen.