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  1. elvis15

    [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    A couple of decent names in the mix, and a couple of options that have potential they haven't hit yes, but all pretty athletic and skilled. That speed and attacking from the back mentality is definitely available with this lineup. Now, how they wrangled a few of these names is another question, but perhaps they're selling a fresh start, big roles and an opportunity to grow as a team for a championship. Will be interesting to see how they gel.
  2. elvis15

    [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    And from the rugby crowd that uses the same turf:
  3. elvis15

    [Report] Paul Byron suspended 3 games

    I have to explain this in every thread... It has nothing to do with the first point of contact. If there is contact to the head, then the rest of the hit must be deemed legal to avoid discipline. Now usually that means did the guy hit squarely through the body or was it a bit late, but when Byron has left the ice prior to even making contact, that's a clear penalty. You can't already have launched yourself at someone before hitting them, only as you make contact. Contact to the head makes it a suspension, and injury makes it longer.
  4. elvis15

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

    Ah, so then you're part of the problem. And who says it's to please this fan base? How about if he may really want to attend, and he's doing it for himself?
  5. elvis15

    [Report] Canucks recall Thatcher Demko

    This. Claiming McKenna is likely a short term solution for them, one they didn't want to dip into the trade pool for. It doesn't help us, but they'll have to move a goalie soon enough. We can claim him back and send him straight to Utica if no on else puts in a claim.
  6. elvis15

    18 year old Sam Bennetts hit on Simek

    Did you see that hairline!? 36 year old Sam Bennett.
  7. You've won the internet - at least in this thread - for today. 100% agree that it's manufactured and people are reading into it and/or assigning their own meanings when very little is confirmed in the actual story (at least the part posted originally).
  8. elvis15

    Beware 2 Rulebooks

    If anything, that says to me the Canucks video staff is much better about quickly reviewing replays and getting smart challenges in.
  9. elvis15

    Beware 2 Rulebooks

    Re-read my post. I never once said headshot, and I never said what caused Horton's concussion. I said contact to the head, which is what this is: From there, it's just to determine if it is a legal hit or not. As you've already said yourself, since it was interference, it was not a legal hit. And since it wasn't a legal hit, any contact to the head also becomes illegal. Beyond that, I refer you back to my previous post, and one part in particular I've bolded:
  10. elvis15

    Beware 2 Rulebooks

    So, as stated in the rules for contact to the head, if the hit is legal apart from the head contact, then the hit is fine. Since the hit wasn't legal (due to being late) and head contact was made, it becomes more than just an interference penalty. That's what people fail to understand, that there are nuances to these rules. Like in the Karlsson suspension thread, people are saying that's legal - and not even in the context of "because there was no suspension on the Stecher hit" - and a shoulder to shoulder hit. People have their ideas no how and why things are legal or not, but often they have very little understanding of the rules. And that's what Baggins is trying to get across, not that the league is great about consistency or even just optics on some hits make it very tough, but that people often think their team is getting the short end of the stick. It's not some conspiracy - and even if it was, it's not all against us. Careful, he'll have you crying in your oatmeal. Yeah, Nux goes a little far sometimes, but this is too much even for me in this thread.
  11. There's a chance it was a nazi that complained, but also equally possible it was someone who didn't want to see a poster prominently displayed with a big swearword in it. Or felt that she was promoting hate (albeit against nazis, so...) and that's more what the inclusiveness claim was about.
  12. elvis15

    [Report] Erik Karlsson suspended 2 games

    Shoulder to shoulder only counts if the guy is standing upright. What is required is a hit squarely through the body - essentially through their center of gravity or center mass. So, if someone is leaning forward (while skating up the ice or whatever) then their center of gravity would be more towards their chest/waist than just their shoulders. For this hit, Karlsson needs to either come at a better angle from the side (blindside hits are not defined in the rule book anymore) or straight up from the front. Obviously he can't get low enough to hit his shoulder into his waist, but if he puts the majority of his body's mass into that area on Wagner, then any head contact becomes incidental regardless of which body part makes contact first.
  13. elvis15

    Kevin Bieksa - Sportsnet 650 interview

    Wouldn't that be ironic? Cherry being replaced by a guy whose name he never pronounced correctly?
  14. The answer will still be no, even then, because we should have built that depth to cover for injuries.
  15. That's why Benning has used free agency to pick up players, or make the occasional in season move for minor pieces to supplement the team and allow it to be competitive. You don't give up picks now that we've established some support players. Now, you build that depth through the draft - or rather, we've already been doing that and should start to see more of our prospects be able to fill the gaps left by injuries. Keeping those draft picks allows the team to keep rolling that depth through while building the top end pieces necessary to be a true contender.