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  1. I've been saying that for some time now after similar posts from Utica fans and hearing how he's using players and coaching the team. There will be similarities based on that alone, but the quoted example of Negrin getting in as a 7th defenceman over any of the new forwards isn't anything to do with synergy between the Canucks and the Comets. He literally coaches in a similar way to Desjardins: real player guy, likes them to play a complete game with defence in mind, rolls offence spread through 4 lines, has been criticized for not giving enough opportunity early enough to young stars (which has helped them develop properly), etc. He really is similar to how Desjardins coaches and there's no point in replacing Desjardins with Green if we feel what's happening now is what's wrong.
  2. Murph noted on the broadcast when they panned to Molino sitting in the press box next to Smyl that the two-year deal is in effect this year and Molino could get in the lineup as early as Friday. So not help for Utica, although we could send someone else down who's more familiar with the Comets and could help right away. Goldobin doesn't know the team but would add a lot, Gaunce when healthy again would be a big add. They'd even enjoy LaBate back. I guess we'll see how it pans out.
  3. Hold the applause, just send money. But Goldobin is still adjusting and coming back from being out sick. The Canucks don't have unlimited call ups to send he, Gaunce (who's injured), LaBate and Bachman back down and bring up someone else. They're all here developing together with the idea that 50-100% of them could be with the team next year. If Utica makes it, great, then they can help, but it can't happen while we're so short handed.
  4. Wow, wishful thinking on the first part. Carter and Richards were big contracts and notorious party boys so definitely no guarantee to be a help to anyone. LA got both, and Carter worked out, but Richards became an anchor. Add to that Schneider was very new in the league at that point and didn't hold a lot of value (goalies hold less value in general, but then to have a young, unproven goalie?) and Hodgson looked like he still had potential to turn the corner and become a solid player but had lots of question marks. In both Carter trades (from Philly to CBJ, from CBJ to LA), the trading team got a solid young player in return (Voracek and Johnson respectively) and a 1st round pick (plus a 3rd in LA's case). Schneider and Hodgson wouldn't have got it done with their combined 35 games of NHL experience at that point since Voracek was 3 full seasons of reasonable production (38, 50 and 46 points) into his career and a CBJ 1st was going to be top half of the round. Moving that trade back to the deadline and it does nothing but decrease the value of our offer significantly. None of that even touches on the cap room required to take on Carter at the time he was actually traded. He'd just signed a long term, big cap contract with Philly and they only decided to trade him after. Us, a cap ceiling team competing for the cup, trading two ELCs to Philly does not make the room to fit in that contract the following years.
  5. Considering his troubles with concussion earlier in the year, I'd have to say head/neck. Certainly something they'd take their time with as it appeared from the overhead they were very careful to be supporting/immobilizing his neck. Hope it's nothing and you're back at it soon, Lack!
  6. Yup, LA nominated Iginla... But my early favourite is Anderson as Ottawa's nominee. Definitely a struggle for him this year with his wife.
  7. I thought about Gaunce, but that was a bit of the homer in me so I went with Granlund. He does get press, but not enough for the season he's come up with and being just one shy of 20 goals. But I went Horvat, Tanev, Horvat in the other categories, while Tanev (despite injuries) could also have gone for the Hume as well. EDIT: Miller makes sense for the MVP as well. He's been just that bit stronger than Markstrom still and even with a few games where he's stunk a bit he's been very good.
  8. Waiving them won't free up any more contract spots under the 50 contract limit. Yeah, almost like there should be a longer post similar to an article about it... https://canucksarmy.com/2017/03/27/report-canucks-sign-ncaa-ufa-forward-griffen-molino/ But like Boeser, he'd have to be on an ATO this year instead of his ELC to play for the Comets. Boeser took the ELC route (and doesn't look out of place) but Molino will likely have his ELC start next year and we'll see if he signs an ATO to help the Comets now.
  9. And a story about a man killing his wife after finding out about her cheating has nothing to do with jokes or hockey. I'm not sure what you're expecting out of this. I do know zzbottom is expecting some semblance of respect for not only the deceased, but also for the situation, women, and society in general. There's a great jokes thread floating around here somewhere I'm sure, you're welcome to post there if a thread, again, about a man killing his wife after finding out about her cheating is becoming a downer for you.
  10. I'll pull a page from your book: I was the first to correct Fateless' statement with a more correct one. But cool, that puts it beyond doubt that discussion = crap.
  11. Uh, yeah. I know humour can be a defense mechanism in the face of something disturbing, but man...
  12. You may want to go back a few posts and read. I mean my explanation was literally several posts before, and even was in direct reply to the CBH1926 post you mentioned just prior. Or you can choose to ignore them, but then that's a pretty crappy discussion.
  13. Wait, so you're Heretic? Dual accounts? Not sure how else you'd be first when the very first word in the OP was 'Motion'. Sure, some misunderstand that and think it's a law, but some misunderstand Islam being the only religion mentioned as meaning that gives them different rights, invites Sharia Law, or somehow it's an infringement on free speech. Any press is good press? It's certainly brought more attention to it, and highlighted the people who are ready to think anything mentioning Islam is somehow an affront to their way of life.
  14. Fair enough, and it's reasonable that that could be the case in other areas as well, so I'll restate Fateless' comment: targeting and fear-mongering against Muslims and the religion of Islam is by far the most public and publicized essentially since 9-11. The US and it's media drives this, and being such a significant force in what people hear it definitely deserves attention. Considering the percentage of hate against Jews based on that information they could certainly use more attention as well, but when the focus of a National election just south of us basically enabled hate against both Muslims and Mexicans (and we don't share a border with Mexico) it doesn't hurt to bring the situation some more light.
  15. All you've done in this thread is tell others they're wrong, so forgive us for not being completely clear on your stance on the subject. I'm with Fateless, it's a motion (not a law) and is just meant to promote more positive speech around religion by reducing hate speech. I also agree that it's essentially useless and a waste of taxpayer money, although maybe something comes out of it all being looked into as part of the motion.