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  1. Call it a home run now, then find out what it would actually cost and realize what CDC's reaction would be. He won't be cheap if any sort of bidding war happens, and that's before thinking about term and how effective he'll be later on in that term.
  2. Yup, and moving on from both Tanev and Stetcher ahead of time to make the room is a big risk to chase one of the better UFAs (if he makes it there). But things will slowly get sorted here, with more and more details falling into place so that both the Canucks and Tryamkin know where they stand. This isn't the same as signing Hoglander to his ELC. I'm sure it'll get done, and we'll see in camp when things are back closer to normal where Tryamkin fits.
  3. It would be nice to see him make some strides in the AHL, even if he spends a little time in the ECHL to get more minutes then comes back up. Could well stick if he has a good camp though, we'll see how this affects everyone.
  4. This is why I say it's a dead horse. We don't need pages more discussion on if he could have been signed right away or not, since ten times that amount has already been gone over without us being closer to a definitive answer. If the season/playoffs starts again, we'll sign him if he wants to play.
  5. Yeah, no idea why we're still beating the dead horse of could he/couldn't he have played this season.
  6. elvis15

    Jim Benning

    But, but no one has near as many albatross contracts as Vancouver!
  7. The club did the same PR they do for any player, they allow the media associated with the team to announce it. That was the tweet from Ben Birnell posted in reply to your previous question about why he was out, as he covers the Comets. Of course people love to read more into these things, so trust the news or don't, but the Canucks don't micromanage these announcements to the public for the big club, let alone the farm team or any prospect playing elsewhere. You might find more info in the post game pressers the Comets usually put out, but don't expect to hear much from the Canucks unless someone directly asks during an interview.
  8. This has nothing to do with Tryamkin. Nylander was holding out for a deal where Tryamkin has already been under contract in the KHL. He is fine to sign here after his team's season is over.
  9. Interesting. I've seen some saying this is a bit early, and I agree in the timeline for the rebuild to be complete. Then again, having lost Ferland for the year, and Leivo out, it is a good trade (if he re-signs) that will help us now and going forward. Imagine the possibility of Tryamkin or something similar to add just a bit more and we could be a scary team peaking at the right time. Having said all that, there are definitely moves still needed to be made, both if we want to add any more this year and in the following year(s) with our cap the way it is. I'll wait to see how it all shakes out rather than panic or even really worry about losing a nice prospect in Madden and not having a pick in the first two rounds this coming draft.
  10. Savard and Pronger both were never coming back. Pronger's contract was a 35+ contract though, so that was the big hit, where Savard retiring wouldn't have had any implication. Weber was always unlikely to be useful for the full length of his contract. It'll be a long LTI if he can't recovery fairly quickly to play again. There are only so many contracts left that could ever fall under recapture rules, and it would be unnecessarily punitive if the Canucks/Luongo were the only ones that didn't avoid it with LTI.
  11. Ugh. Thankfully I'm up by almost 20 in my hockey pool on second place (who also has Hertl). I'm hoping Couture comes back sooner than later as that would help keep my lead. Don't dislike Hertl like I do Couture outside of my hockey pool though.
  12. That would have to be the highest level of offer sheet. Only so many teams have the required picks and cap room to make such an offer sheet without the picks being a chance at a very high draft position.
  13. Oh sure, but he definitely added on a few things as he left that he didn't need to. At any rate, the talk sounds positive that he wants to play in the NHL again.