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  1. Pretty much, They had more points than any other Canadian team apart from Edmonton (tied) last season, and will likely end up with more than us this year. Sure, they have issues, and there's lots to fix, but with all the years of success they had they're bound to have some pretty marginal ones too. I'm not sure it's accurate to say they're the worst Canadian team.
  2. Yup, you can report it but not wish to follow through on making a claim against his insurance. But, if you don't report it and anything happens then it could bite you in the ass. And who knows, he could be one of those habitual offenders with lots of little bumps and it'll send up a red flag if you aren't the only one to report. Unlikely, but the automated report is on file either way if you do it now.
  3. Yup, definitely an illegal hit, I agree. The 5 and game that early and the resulting advantage Boston gained should be enough, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had an extra game added on.
  4. For a second there, I thought you were making fun of me (I was very fine with a Lack and Marky tandem over signing Miller) but then I read the rest! I laughed, then I cried, because it's all true how bipolar this fan base is. Sure, maybe not all those fans are the same, but man, they're vocal.
  5. Remember when people were worried about him after one preseason game? Well now people are saying he should be the starter after one regular season game. Patience people, it's an 82 game season.
  6. That's what I was thinking, that it's a feel good bill that's basically already in place. For instance, the argument around citizenship and niqabs a couple years ago was moot because they had to remove the niqab during a private part of the ceremony to verify their identity, yet people were getting bent out of shape they were allowed to have it on during the public ceremony. But whatever, maybe there was a loophole somewhere that makes this necessary, because surely the government wouldn't waste time and taxpayers money with a useless bill, right?
  7. You'll always be Rainbow Butt Monkey to me... But good to see Goldobin doing well and even seeing some PK time. I hope he figures out the effort part of his game. Even if he doesn't ever really get good at playing defense, just him making an effort will go a long way.
  8. Like saying he is unreal this year? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  9. For the OP and all those complaining about Markstrom (and Nilsson), do you have a better solution? Do you remember the last time we didn't have an established #1 like Luongo or Miller in net? Do you remember the last time we didn't have an established #1 behind a team in the middle of a rebuild? It's four games into the season. Pause, take a deep breath, then let it out. Your happiness doesn't revolve around hockey, and the decisions a team makes that are well beyond your control. Find a silver lining, or move on.
  10. First, what is with all the extra lines at the end? Second, you said they were our first line, which they aren't. Then you tried to say we should have gone after Jagr, which would make them older and even slower. Finally, this is in Around the NHL for some reason. This is not a free board. This is run by the Canucks and the NHL, and there are rules that say you can't just post whatever you want. You should post things of substance, you should put them in the right forum, and you shouldn't troll other posters with repeated threads filled with nothing but negative opinions and you yammering on about rebuilding. I wasn't kidding when I said you should stick to replying in other threads. If you stick around long enough, you'll get a better lay of the land and understand what I mean. I've dealt with too many people already this week being purposefully obtuse and I don't need to come to the Canucks forum and deal with another.
  11. Also a good point.
  12. And Chaput can sit in the press box if they don't actually need him. Later in the season it may make sense to call up someone to get an NHL paycheck but sit in the press box, but not this early.
  13. That sums it up for me.
  14. What's with all the "I know it's only 4 games in, but" threads?
  15. Public service announcement: don't drink and post people.