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  1. If they want him, they'd have to offer a lot to get us to consider trading him back. I don't think you have to worry.
  2. I doubt it. Even with Gaunce and potentially Dorsett out to start the year, there's not enough room for the waivers eligible players plus Boeser and Goldobin, let alone Carcone. Then there's Virtanen, LaBate, MacEwen, or even Pedan and Biega who would play wing as a 14th forward and still be a sub for D. Carcone would have to be pushing for rookie of the year in preseason to make it.
  3. Thanks for the updates, Sid.
  4. He's played a season in the NHL followed by another pro season in the AHL. He's no longer considered a prospect that would go to summer camps or prospect tourneys. But all this talk and really we'll just have to wait and see how camp goes along with preseason games.
  5. Molino will have to have a very good camp to beat out all those ahead of him, and Dahlen starting out the season sick will have to work up from Utica. But as I said, Gaunce being out until November delays that decision, and we'll see how Boeser and Goldobin do to get them ahead of the other waivers eligible players. If they beat out the likes of Rodin and Boucher, so be it. Benning basically confirmed the 6 D, and then it's players like Holm and McEneny along with Weircioch ahead of Pedan and Biega (based on past performance). Juolevi will certainly get lots of preseason time, but there will have to be a number of injuries for him to get 9 games at the expense of other waiver eligible players. Some of them will make it down: probable with Pedan and Biega if done at the right time and they aren't giving reasons to stick, but less likely with someone like McEneny if done as a later cut. That's a lot of players to risk losing as depth just to get Juolevi 9 games if we aren't planning on keeping him (or very close to it).
  6. Pretty much. While is spot is far from a guarantee, they know what he can do and he'll be back among the 13-14 forwards we carry once he's healthy. They used him for a lot of defensive zone starts along with Sutter. If he's not there then someone like Burmistrov is in his place and Horvat is likely helping much more defensively instead.
  7. Yeah, I'm generally in favour of it even with the increased certainty of picks, but of course it would just be the Canucks luck that it'd keep us from getting a top pick. I'd think there would be something in the transition year that top 18 year olds would be allowed to still participate.
  8. There has been talk that with a move like this they'd allow players to play in the AHL after the draft as it allows teams to keep star players like the McDavids of the world one extra year for their fans and revenue.
  9. Why do you think Kesler forced a trade? But I doubt it was anything where he had to worry about leaving his wife at home while on the road, or anything similar. Just a young Russian couple away from family and it took its toll.
  10. Yeah, kinda the same story as previous years, where he was playing well but not getting time compared to vets. It's one thing to bring him along slowly, but to not give him more than 10 minutes when he's being impactful on the results is strange.
  11. Yeah, a top 6 power forward winger who can snipe while playing a very fast game with some marquee hits would be a great thing - even if they aren't putting up a point a game. I'd love for him to be 50+ points a year. What I think people wanted (certainly I did) was that it was our highest pick in a long time, and to take a player with that higher ceiling and potential for reward. Many of those fans weren't as risk averse considering the old core (and the Sedins particularly) were on the tail end, and to have seen Nylander or Ehlers in our prospect pool putting up points and being exciting would have been very welcome for a fan base staring down a rebuild. Even with our other higher picks we went a little safer (i.e. Horvat, but even Hodgson was meant to be a bit safe being a responsible player with offensive skill vs high end flash) and fans were ready to be dazzled a bit and excited about a potential 1st line forward.
  12. Just to start, Gaunce is out until November, and we can cross Chaput, Megna and Biega off the list as they should be support for Utica (or are players I'm not worried at all about losing to waivers). Add to that any other injuries and if Dorsett is fully ready, then if we see any improvement out of Pedan to warrant him not also being with Chaput/Megna/Biega, and that quickly changes from 3 extra spots and 8 players to fill them to 4-5 extra spots with 4-5 to fill them. That's before even talking about players who should be competing for spots in Boeser and Juolevi (and maybe one of our PTOs) who would make it about 6-7 players trying to fill those 4-5 spots. That list of players and spots available is more realistic I think. Now, what to do with them? Gagner or Granlund could move down to fill Gaunce's spot, or Burmistrov could step up. Boucher's likely to be a utility forward again, and depending on the hole left Boeser or even Virtanen (less likely) could make it. For defence, Wiercioch is likely as the first guy to draw into the 6 D spots, and McEneny will be the extra (with injuries will probably see plenty of time).
  13. Came here to post the same link. Thanks WH.