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  1. thanks dral.
  2. Hey Dral... what team am I on?
  3. i'm in like a bigger,blacker dick.
  4. McCann on Team 1040: Looks up to Ryan Kesler
  5. If he survives he'll feel like crap the next day.
  6. KABOOM!
  8. If anyone plans to change their entry, remove the previous one and post a new entry. Thanks.
  9. Yup. It was a cheap pick but I'll take it! RIP
  10. Pope Benedict XVI Fidel Castro Kirk Douglas George Bush Sr. Barbara Bush Nancy Reagan Prince Philip Zsa Zsa Gabor Fred Phelps Muhammad Ali Billy Graham Glen Campbell Mary Tyler Moore James Gardner Doyle Brunson Ariel Sharon Charlie Sheen Zac Efron Macaulay Culkin Paris Jackson
  11. Considering how old and close to death some of the picks are and that the current leader of the 2013 pool only has 4 correct, it's probably better to be on a list than not.
  12. Sure. Your last entry is the one that counts.
  13. One one two, can you put your list in a new post. Thanks
  14. Probably keep it at 20. I'll leave it to everyone to try and pick some long shots.
  15. You can pick as many as you want up to 20. Your chances of winning are less though. Anytime, but the pool doesn't start until January 1, 2014.