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  1. You really think all people who give to charity are looking for some financial gains? ALL? A bit of a stretch... I'll admit that it might be easier to give money as a millionaire, but it doesn't explain the majority of professional athletes that give NOTHING to charity or nothing back to society. Canucks Organization is how EVERY team should impact their cities. Players who give to charity are showing they acknowledge a few things about their communities and difficult situations people are in, outside of their own lives. It's an appreciation for their part in society and recognition of how fortunate they are. It's laughable to think guys like the Sedin's had ulterior motives to giving that much to charity. Sure it can't hurt your image, but come on. Go visit a hospital one day, pal/.
  2. Canucks' Sedins donate $1.5M to hospital - British Columbia - CBC
  3. Good post, thanks. Either way, it doesn't matter what fans think. Like anything on the internet, it's best to ignore and deflect comments and opinions aimed at management and team building strategy. Especially when it comes to Van's fan base who are dependent on instant results instead of realistic ones mapped out over a couple seasons. More so than the last few seasons, I'm pretty stoked to see what they'll put on the ice to begin the season. It finally feels like a different team make-up, and that HAS to be a good sign. Rookies/hopefuls/up and comers/ and a few classic vets. Anything could happen, and god only knows we deserve a bit of luck finally.
  4. The problem with Kane's current situation is it would create a huge negative distraction throughout the hockey season, depending on how long this court thing stretches out. (I guess Patrick Kane didn't seem to bothered while his was going on) ... Either way, it paints a pretty negative picture when you add allegations like this to the other stories about his character, aside from his skills. ...On a more hopeful note, maybe a dose of Vancouver's community involvement is what E Kane needs to put him on the fast track to rehabilitating himself as well as his negative image.
  5. Every new page you open up is another hit to whatever website you are clicking through. More ad revenue. It's more click-baity this way. I agree with you though. It sucks.
  6. ...One day
  7. Kane? Agree with what you said, and I'd almost welcome the chance to get him as it would draw in some fans. Names like Hudler won't pull fans in, though they have the chops. A Kane on the left wing would be a fresh change and compliment the younger look of the team. Then again, I'm also of the opinion that the Kassian's and Kane's of the world should just f***'n up grow up since they are lucky enough to find themselves in such places as athletes. (not to mention millionaires) What they've done in the off seasons and how they conduct themselves shows a level of disrespect. I'm all for allowing individuals (especially teens, which is what they are) to grow up and to allow other veterans professionalism inspire them, but if they aren't even watching for that kind of stuff, then they won't notice what a Hank or a Burr is doing to prepare or sacrifice compared to themselves. Most teens are self involved by nature. That said, maybe that ugly crap with Byfuglien on the Jets will serve as an experience that he can benefit from. When teammates are making huge sacrifices for a team to become great, they don't want to see some foolish kid with his ego flashing his dollars around on Twitter and making them all look bad or walking into practice late or whatever. This may very well be Kane's chance to prove himself before he fades to nothing.
  8. Personally, it's my opinion there are a good amount of folks that enjoy the game of hockey despite their teams good efforts falling short. These are the only fans I'm interested in hearing from. The rest to me, is whiny fan drivel. Know it all, couch-ridden GM wannabe's that have to win in order to have fun. It was a pretty bad season, but nothing could be more worse than having to sit through another season of whiny fans, crying about their team not heading to the finals. -Or their GM not moving players that don't want to be moved. The sad fact is, a good portion of fans would be crying, even if we manage to make the first round every year (which we almost do anyways) Poop on those fans. You know who you are.
  9. My opinion is way better than your opinion... but that is just my opinion... which I am entitled to. Nyuck Nyuck,
  10. I like Erickson.
  11. I noticed a few people suggesting a puff in the stall.... Dont do it. I was washing my hands when a someone in a stall sparked up a hoot of the funny tobacco. He hit it, and took off. Which was best, because in 30 seconds security, the cops were in to kick the door down. I dont think they caught him, but man, they were on a man hunt for him. He either enjoyed the game greatly after that, or the opposite.
  12. Subban... trying to imagine what it would be like having potentially another 2 brother line tandem on this team. I think the probability is there for the future, but not this season. Subban's value has to go down a bit, and make him humble, imo, but a great NHL player.
  13. I'm guessing they go with the two year contract, then are moved to play on a cup contender team. Lots of older Canucks used to end up in New York. Must be a great way to finish a career living in New York. If Coach V is still there in two years, maybe. Everyone is saying to move these two to the second line at some point, but I don't see it happening. They deserve to be in the spots they are and are proving to be players that may be able to play till 39- 40.
  14. ...and that some fans want him goner. There is a mentality out there that if we don't move him, then we aren't doing enough. I'm a Burr fan, but I don't think he'll play a whole season for us. If he was any good in the last couple seasons, he would have been shipped off, but due to some bad injury luck, that couldn't happen right away. If he has a different season and starts scoring again (which would be nice for us) he'll be moved, imo. He's in a tough spot, for sure. Either way, he'll always be considered a Canucks great, at least.
  15. We should also slap him across the face, and ask him what he's done for us lately. I think I'll go watch the "dragon slaying" goal he scored against the Hawks again, so I can remember better times. I seriously hope something useful is done with him. He is not the terrible player fans are making him out to be, and he adds a veteran presence in terms of experience for the young up and comers. I'm sure some will argue it though :/ I miss what he used to be, with the Sedins. So far nobody has matched his chemistry with them and it's been years now.