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  1. New Layout (New Website)

    I used to visit this site everyday. I can't even find a way to get to these forums without google searching now. And why does it seem like the site struggles to load everything? Sorry to say, I wont be coming back on a regular basis. Hope it's changed back to something that is easier to navigate again. Ugly design.
  2. ...I remember these quotes from a while back... If they were actually said in regards to wanting a trade, they'd hold some weight, but pulling random quotes out and stamping them with different meanings seems pretty poopy in my books. These guys are just trying to answer media questions and be honest. No need to twist meanings around. The bro's are real deal pro's and do and say what it takes to be leaders. Nobody should be questioning their intent at this point. They are pure class, with or without cup titles.
  3. What sports writers don't seem to see

    Either way, it was probably best we offloaded McCann, since his family is unfortunately going through some pretty crazy/terrible stuff. I don't know the details, (I don't feel it's appropriate bringing up details in here) but it may be better he is out of town while all of it is going on, for the teams sake, and his own sake distraction-wise. For the record I think he is going to be a good player down the line. Has a ways to go.
  4. [Hiring] Canucks hire Malhotra

    Oh man! I didn't know we were pretty much the worst! Ouch.
  5. [Hiring] Canucks hire Malhotra

    Aside from this being a classy move by the Canucks, I am stoked for what it means for our terrible face off numbers and puck possession. Except for maybe Hank and Bo, we had some pretty bad percentages last season. (Keeping in mind Hank's broken finger) More players getting some schooling in this department can only mean good things for the future. Manny is a face off legend.
  6. Why Your Team Sucks: Vancouver Canucks

    Hahaha. Yup, we did that.
  7. [Discussion] Should the Canucks pursue Evander Kane?

    Imagine the case drags out into the season... the negative media... not sure it's worth that mess. Feels like we narrowly avoided a Kassian meltdown. Though I do believe in peoples ability to change and turn things around for themselves, and I believe his best chances of rehab might be in Vancouver near family, I don't think it'll happen. I don't really even think he deserves the honor, despite his talent. The bad press on this guy in mounting. One thing to Consider though...the amount of community work available to him in Vancouver, he could potentially turn it around. -Both his attitude and personality need an overhaul and he won't get that in Buffalo. He hasn't fully turned to the dark side. Then again, if he loses this court case, it may be a done deal that he'll be in a rehab situation instead of just a team change, no matter who he plays for. You can't go and make the whole NHL look bad for not doing anything.
  8. ...The Kane allegations are coming in, and they don't sound too good. He might end up going for a low price, but not without some form of rehab for a while. Some distracting stuff for any team that has him along for this season. Just imagine the chirping and media... Though the best place for such rehad could actually be in Vancouver (near fam), I doubt we'll ever take on that luggage. You have to admit, it would be a great success story for Vancouver if they could somehow turn his image around. Vancouver being a pretty community minded franchise. ...He is still young. But now that all might depend on whether he is charged guilty. Was a fun fantasy but I don't see it/
  9. Jordan Subban

    I remember him saying this as well. Then again, it's probably what a good big bro would say. Hope he surprises. Would be nice to get a bit more luck on our side with drafts.
  10. You really think all people who give to charity are looking for some financial gains? ALL? A bit of a stretch... I'll admit that it might be easier to give money as a millionaire, but it doesn't explain the majority of professional athletes that give NOTHING to charity or nothing back to society. Canucks Organization is how EVERY team should impact their cities. Players who give to charity are showing they acknowledge a few things about their communities and difficult situations people are in, outside of their own lives. It's an appreciation for their part in society and recognition of how fortunate they are. It's laughable to think guys like the Sedin's had ulterior motives to giving that much to charity. Sure it can't hurt your image, but come on. Go visit a hospital one day, pal/.
  11. Canucks' Sedins donate $1.5M to hospital - British Columbia - CBC
  12. I don't think they got it

    Good post, thanks. Either way, it doesn't matter what fans think. Like anything on the internet, it's best to ignore and deflect comments and opinions aimed at management and team building strategy. Especially when it comes to Van's fan base who are dependent on instant results instead of realistic ones mapped out over a couple seasons. More so than the last few seasons, I'm pretty stoked to see what they'll put on the ice to begin the season. It finally feels like a different team make-up, and that HAS to be a good sign. Rookies/hopefuls/up and comers/ and a few classic vets. Anything could happen, and god only knows we deserve a bit of luck finally.
  13. The problem with Kane's current situation is it would create a huge negative distraction throughout the hockey season, depending on how long this court thing stretches out. (I guess Patrick Kane didn't seem to bothered while his was going on) ... Either way, it paints a pretty negative picture when you add allegations like this to the other stories about his character, aside from his skills. ...On a more hopeful note, maybe a dose of Vancouver's community involvement is what E Kane needs to put him on the fast track to rehabilitating himself as well as his negative image.
  14. Every new page you open up is another hit to whatever website you are clicking through. More ad revenue. It's more click-baity this way. I agree with you though. It sucks.