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  1. Wife and I were on our Honeymoon, (did a 3 week California/Oregon road trip) and we were 2 blocks away from this when It happened. We were at a stop light and 6+ police cruisers and an insane amount of Ambulances were driving by, we assumed it was a bad accident, then heard on the radio what was really going on.... Such a small town, I can understand how hard that hit them.
  2. 6 Vs games played.... 6-0, averaging 6.5goals per game... Too easy to score so far... back door passes seem like they get through a lot more now
  3. Two completely different dev teams
  4. Im not usually one to knock others for their opinions... however. If you truly believe this beer is the end all, be all. for wheat beers... and in this case, artificially fruit flavored wheat beers... you need to broaden your beer horizons my friend. You can almost taste the chemicals in Kronenburg... Its not bad on a hot summer day, but during the Summer months, you literally have an endless supply of good local fruit flavoured wheat beers and hefe's...
  5. PST, in Vancouver... And execution is more than fine with me, and is my preferred game mode, I just cant be bothered to do it with randoms.
  6. Does anyone here play? I am getting better and better, and re-learning GOW 1 Gnasher mechanics, KD is sitting at 1.12, but I find this game is one where you NEED a squad to play and communicate with, especially in Warzone/Execution. Does anyone else play this and want to squad up at nighttimes? Add me, GT: Canuckulhead
  7. Bought it today, wont say the dealership here, 2016 CX-5 GS , FWD (I dont need the AWD, especially for $2000), got them down $1000 on sticker, and got a few options thrown in for free, $400 window tint, Cargo Nets... Overall happy with the experience, but I hate buying a car, doing all the paper work and then having to wait to get it... I want it NOW! I have to wait til Monday to pick it up.
  8. Ya I am for sure going to go with a 16 unless I get wow'd with an offer for a lot squatting 15. The 16's just felt better driving, and yes, the interior had minor adjustments, but it felt nicer.
  9. Ya, I have looked at the new/used comparisons. But it usually almost comes out to be even if the car is a 1-3 years old once you factor in the lower financing incentives and cashback promotions.
  10. Id prefer to stay in lower mainland, unless I was saving 1000$
  11. Hey all, I am going to be buying a CX-5 In the next little bit, either a 2015 or 2016, depending on what finance rate I can get. I was just wondering for those of you with experience / history, what dealership do you recommend? I know the cash incentives and promotions are pretty uniformed, but sometimes people just have positive experiences with one dealership over another. For example, I will never step foot in Maple Ridge Chrysler again in my life, the salesmen are all way too pushy and they don't seem to care past a commission, whereas coquitlam Chrysler all the guys are awesome. I have been dealing with Open Road in Port Moody for the test drives, and information. But I don't know where to go close the deal. Thoughts? --- And keep the suggestions for alternative vehicles to yourselves, the wife and I have been looking for a while for a CUV and this is the one we want.
  12. As the title suggests, going to my first C's game tonight, are there any pubs near the stadium for pre game beers? I couldnt find anything on google Thanks
  13. VPD for one... And I'll leave the rest of your post alone since you have no idea what you're talking about.
  14. Child 44 3/10 --- And the 3 is because I have a huge man crush on Tom Hardy... The movie is an adaption of a novel, but it cant decide if it wants to be a child serial killer murder mystery or a film that deals with the injustices of the MGB (bascially the Soviet Gestapo) and the Stalin regime, and so instead treads right in the middle of both. Its all over the place... and the resolution to both plotlines is as pointless as the build to get there. I couldnt understand how a movie with Oldman, Hardy and Rapace, that took place is a post WW2 USSR had such poor reviews, now I know. If you read the book, by all means, check it out. Otherwise skip it, or watch a better lesser-known Hardy film like Bronson, or Rock-N-Rolla
  15. Ted 2 6/10 Not as funny as the first, and as with all Seth Macfarlane comedy, there are a ton of misses for every joke that hits... But the ones that hit, hit hard for some great belly laughs. Liam Neeson's cameo was the best part of the movie.