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  1. Hey there hot stuff !! I miss you too

  2. yes I am very pumped about Canucks hockey. Been a long summer without hockey :) How are you these days ?

  3. The Jays still need Halladay. Any good team has that one ACE. Marcum and McGowan aren't ready to be that ACE yet. Halladay is still pretty young, only 30 I believe this year. With a few more steady bats, this team could very well be a playoff contender. JP needs to go like 2 years ago.

  4. True Glenn did play better last game. The biggest reason is because Roberts touched the ball over 30 times and rushed for over 100 yards. I would like to have Roberts, wanna trade ? Smith for Roberts ? ;) Love the Jays, hate JP Riccardi though. That guy needs to leave and let actual baseball minds take over. Sorry, but the last straw was releasing Reed Johnson and keeping Stewart. And Gibb

  5. To be honest I don't understand why Roberts wasn't touching the ball a lot more than he was. Talk about a player not being used right. Even if you don't hand off to him, dump screens. Get the ball into your best players hand. As for Glenn, well for you I hope he gains back some sort of form from last year. I see now that you are a Seahawks, and Blue Jays fan also ?!?! Nic

  6. About being embarrassed for being a Blue Bombers fan after their record. Got a kick out of it. Don't worry, I'm a Lions fan and am ready to kick Wally right in the butt for his stupid choices.

  7. hahaha, couldn't help but laugh at your comment about the blue bombers. :oP

  8. Yes I do agree that Cowan's time should be up now. It will be interesting to see what Gillis does in the next 4 months

  9. He has the making of a good defensemen. That is why I would. Can get more back in a trade. Plus he doesn't get physical

  10. I'd trade Edler without even thinking about it.

  11. I'll take a European any day. But we need a Corey Perry type player. Goes hard to the net, will get in the face of the defenders. Add that to the skill of the Swede's and golden are the Nucks !!

  12. Not a fan to be honest. He's too much of what we have. He plays on the outside. We need a guy that will go into the dirty areas

  13. That's all hearsay, I wouldn't believe the rumors that ou hear about that soap opera. Naslund will play where he feels he will have fun. Gillis gets a few offensive weapons here and Naslund will saty.

  14. I hope so, he is a great player and I think he can still contribute a lot to the scoring of this team. Get him someone to play with and he'll be back to the 80-90 point player he once was.

  15. understandable. I don't mind, each to their own.

  16. Right on. Where do you guys live ? I live up in the Okanagan.

  17. How old is your brother ?

  18. That's a shame to hear about his injury. Never a good way to end a career.

  19. nice, what does your dad do for work ? Horses huh ?

  20. I have always liked sports. Any sport really. So what got you hooked on Canuck hockey ?

  21. have you seen Pavel play ?

  22. Nice ! I have only ever been to 1 game live. That was in 1993, against the Flames. Pavel Bure scored 2 goals that night. I was so pumped. To this day, no one can get a crowd going like Pavel did back in the day. WOW !

  23. Yes, and for me that means all heart. Mo is a heart and soul type player.

  24. I kind of gathered Mo was your fav. I do think he is still of great value to this team. Afterall, I think is can do it all and do it well. Plus he's a good BC boy

  25. hahahahah, no no skates needed. Just want to hurt him, not kill him. hahaha