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  1. -
  2. Felix "The Cat" Potvin - one of our later "goalie graveyard" goalies
  3. Cole's dad
  4. P.C. Labrie?
  5. I'm a Canucks fan and Vancouver ex-pat living in Boston, and people here I've talked to about this shrug it off as a kid having some fun at home and getting into some random scuffle. No real broad-brush "Canucks fans and Vancouver are all classless" crap going on here. Folks here are much more ready to talk about the Pats and Celtics anyway
  6. Byron Ritchie?
  7. 100 Days to go until Opening Ceremonies!
  8. Greg Hawgood!! edit: just saw the all-star patch, so that was a rather silly guess.
  9. Coaching the Russian Juniors, yes!
  10. Dane Jackson!! edit: got beat by seconds again!
  11. This has got to be someone obscure...Jay Mazur?
  12. Rod Buskas :D Edit: dangit Vintage!
  13. The Islanders GM
  14. The Schneids in his BC Eagles gear!