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  1. Jose Theodore?
  2. ^ I concur. George is doing exactly what I thought he would coaching. anyone else notice the amount of submissions team GSP is winning by? I think that thats what George will catch Koscheck in.
  3. Haha yeah, and hopefully the head kick KO frequency is like 50% lower.
  4. Has joined the NSL :o

  5. LOL he's not going to lose any muscle. And honestly MMA is in an era where reach doesn't decide fights. Alves is a huge threat to anybody, and when not training he walks around close to 205. There are a lot of guys with shorter reach at 185, so it wont really matter. I'd like to see an Alves/Silva fight one day, interesting match-up.
  6. I don't think that's necessarily true. I think it's anyones fight on the ground, I mean JDS is a great jiu-jitsu artist however he hasn't had to prove it yet because his standup is that strong. And I agree with all your predictions except the Fitch-Alves fight. Well, I hope Alves wins but I can see Fitch winning
  7. True that. I hate people who say GSP can't perform. So many people were not impressed with the Hardy + Alves fights, but that just goes to show how much you know about the sport. I love fights like that, that shows how gassed a fighter is in the fifth round per say, and how he's still able to execute perfect takedowns. And yeah, I think Velasquez has what it takes to beat Lesnar. If not, Dos Santos will for sure.
  8. Dana has said so many times that he likes to do things differently with his prospects, and he doesn't like giving them title shots right away, which I guess would be the case with Jones. I don't understand how Velasquez is suddenly in the picture then, I mean Cain is technically a prospect too, right?
  9. Welcome to my profile?

  10. Aggh. Ovie suspended over Cooke? Maybe Ovie's hit was bad, but compared to Cooke it was a small push on a playground...

  11. chuck liddel knocked out shogun 11 seconds in the game. booya overhand right!
  12. help yourself - death in vegas amazing song
  13. norm maracle!
  14. Yeahhhhhhhhh Go FIN!!!
  15. ur sig rocks FINAL FANTASY KICKS ASS