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  1. Jake Virtanen vs William Nylander

    Considering the lack of top end talent on this team and in the system, drafting a player like Virtanen was extremely disappointing. Yes, it's early, and yes he will still develop. But as it stands right now he looks like a 30 point player. I expected WAY more out of a top six pick. It's not just about the points put up, but also the way he plays. I don't see any real potential for this guy to be a top three player, and barely see him being a top six. Truthfully, I saw far more offensive potential out of McCann than I do out of Virts. Time will tell, but I have long felt that while Benning is decent at finding talent in later rounds of drafts, his record with first rounder picks, which should be the easiest picks to make, are troubling.
  2. Doubts about WD

    Is WD a good NHL coach? Not really. Does it matter? Not really. WD was always the coach that was going to get the Canucks through the rebuild hump, keep the seat warm, and then be sacrificed when the team is ready to take the next step. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who coaches this team as it really isn't going to make a difference to the on ice results. What they needed after the Torterella tire fire season was a guy who was going to calm things down and get back to basics. WD has done that job. He is exactly what he appears to be: an avg coach with a below avg team. He also is, from what I understand, the lowest paid coach in the league. Let's not forget that tidbit either. If things really go south this year, the team will fire him and move on. But take a look at Toronto's coach and tell me how big a difference that has made for them. For once I actually agree with the direction of the Canucks with regards to their coaching. Why spend on a big name coach when your team isn't in a position to take advantage? Might as well just keep him around, and if they succeed, great, and if they don't, well then he managed to rise to the level of his own incompetence.
  3. Jim Benning appreciation thread

    I honestly think you're on to something here. I've been a fan of the team since the 80's. Many of the younger fans have grown up only know the Canucks as having been successful for the most part over the last 15 years. But as a long time fan and observer of the NHL, I can easily see how poor management can set teams back for years. From what I can tell, this team isn't even close to turning the corner on becoming a playoff team. All of the moves they are making remind me of the Flames during the 2000's. They went to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004 and for years thought they were just a few pieces away. So they mortgaged their future every year, betting on older veterans and trading away draft picks. All they got out of it was being a team that wasn't good enough to make the playoffs, but not bad enough to get the best draft picks. This is absolutely the worst position to be in as a franchise. Does this sound familiar to anyone looking at the current Canucks? They trade away young players with upside for players that are further developed but have lower ceilings (Granlund, Clandening instead of Shinkaruk and Forsling). They overpay for lesser talent (Dorsett, Sbisa, the trade for Sutter), and invest in aging veterans who's best years are behind them (Miller) or while still useful, may actually hurt the team in the long run (Ericsson). It took two generational superstars in the Sedins to truly turn this team around. I see nothing in the pipeline that suggest that this team can aspire to be anything more than mediocre and that's even if Boeser and Juolevi turn into solid NHL players. Having a GM like Benning who for every decent move makes two terrible ones is utterly disastrous for this franchise. I can't understand the logic that says "Well he's good at drafting", as if that overlooks how terrible an asset manager he is. Every year he's traded away good picks for lesser players. This isn't a business where it pays to learn on the job. This team truly needs a proper rebuild. Unfortunately, that won't begin until Benning is gone.
  4. Jim Benning appreciation thread

    Will never understand the Pro-Benning group. I can barely justify even a single one of his decisions. Everything about him reeks of incompetence and poor decision making. I honestly believe he will go down as the worst GM in Canucks history. People talk about how a lot of his moves were for stop-gap players. This is true, but I think people are overlooking the fact that Benning himself is a stop-gap GM, who hired a stop-gap coach. Just like Willie D is just there to keep the seat warm for the next guy, Benning isn't the guy that will lead this team to the promise land. His job is to build the cupboards up a bit so that when the Canucks have a chance to actually complete, they can get a real GM.
  5. Jim Benning Review?

    2/10. He has lost virtually every trade he has made, and has failed to understand basic NHL economics by overpaying for lower end talent (Dorsett, Sbisa, Sutter), or failing to monetize assets that he ended up losing for nothing (Vrbata, Hamhuis). It cannot be overstated how big a failure this year's trade deadline was, and this is solely the responsibility of the GM. With Hamhuis signing in Dallas, you could effectively say the Canucks traded Hamhuis to Dallas but sent all the proceeds to Calgary! His signing of Miller cost us Eddie Lack and the team still finished third last overall. I read here someone here said would you rather have Eddie Lack and 10 million in cap space, or Miller/Sbisa and no cap space? Because JB chose the latter. He has consistently traded players who have goal scoring talent (Shinkaruk, McCann) and replaced them with players who can't (Granlund, Gudbrandson although that's not his role). For a scout, he seems to give up on young talent and draft picks a lot sooner than you would think. I've heard many people offer that JB's scouting abilities offset his incredibly inept fumbling of asset management. To this, I say nonsense. While it's still early, I'm not nearly as high on Virtanen as others seem to be here. If his ceiling is to be the next Hansen, that represents a huge failure for drafting sixth overall, especially when there were better players still on the board. Benning is decent at finding value in later rounds (Demko, Tryamkin, Brisebois perhaps) but his tendency to prefer meat and potatoes players, or players who are good in scrums, reminds me so much of the darkest era in Canucks history during the Kennan years. Who needs talent when you've got face washers, right? At some point there needs to be some goal scoring talent. I think the general concern is that Benning does not appear to be very bright, as evidenced by his most recent tampering fine, or really any time he gives an interview. As such, he seems to routinely be taken advantage of by other GM's in trades. Overall, I think JB is one more bad year away from being considered the worst GM in Canucks history. He won a lucky cup in 2011 with a far less talented team than the Canucks, but if you take a look at the current state of the Bruins, it provides a picture of what Benning's management brings to a team. It ain't pretty.
  6. [Report] Complaint of Tampering filed against Benning

    This was utterly predictable. You CANNOT comment about players who are under contract with another team unless the team has given you permission. That's why GM's are supposed to say things like "If a player LIKE Stamkos were available, of course we'd be interested". The Kings gave Lucic permission to speak to other teams but no way did TB or Montreal. All of this just adds further fuel to the belief that Benning is at best incompentent, and at worst, a moron. As for the outcome, expect a nice fine. This falls well below the threshold of actual tampering which would result in a loss of draft picks, but is once again a bad look on the competence of a management team that has looked very bad over the past year.
  7. This is actually worse than I could have possibly imagined. I can't even... All those people out there defending Benning. Unbelievable. This guy is the worst GM in the history of our team. Bar none. FIRE HIM TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL
  8. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    These last two posts are gold. Pure gold.
  9. Sven Baertschi Talk

    Jensen a few years ago was considered the Canucks top offensive prospect. He's now been surpassed by several players, including one who arrived 12 games ago, and some who are still in juniors! Considering how many spots are likely to be open next year, I doubt there's going to be room for him. Hard to see him surpassing Virtanen, Baertschi or McCann and it doesn't look like he could beat out Shinkaruk or even Cole Cassels either. I'm not saying he can't be an NHLer someday, but I think his opportunity will likely come with another team. Canucks should try to sell high while they still can.
  10. Sven Baertschi Talk

    I don't really see Jensen being in the Canucks organization after this year. The guy just hasn't progressed. It's not like Gaunce who doesn't project to be a top six forward. Jensen looks like he's regressing and may need to be moved. I expect that Jensen will be to the Canucks what Baertschi was to the Flames.
  11. Tortorella: Canucks Are Getting Old

    Agreed. Sadly, I have this bad feeling that they are going to try one more year with Torts. The worst and most under-reported aspect of this is that as bad as Torts has been, his assistants have been monumentally worse. Sullivan runs the defense which has been an absolute train wreck this year, and Gulutzan ran the power play. Do I really need to say more? I've felt all along the problems with this team are systemic, and keeping Torts means likely keeping Sullivan too. Gully is likely going to be turfed regardless but if I'm Linden, the only way I would even consider keeping Torts is if he agreed to fire his assistants. Since he's not likely to do that, I expect that all three stooges will be let go.