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  1. Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    He was good for the Canucks last time around but this time he's been making awful decisions. Get rid of him.
  2. Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    Who is still a project. Jensen has some serious skill and is the one guy I think we're all the most excited about. This situation is a bit concerning but I'm hoping being around guys like the Sedins next year or the year after that will teach him how to be a true professional on and off the ice if there are indeed issues.
  3. NHL hockey is back!!!

  4. Frank Corrado | D

    Pretty much how I feel. It'll be nice for him to take in the experience and everything but Canada's just too deep on D.
  5. Still can't believe I'm going to the game tonight. This season went so fast, it's hard to believe it's already game 1 of the playoffs.

  6. Parros to the Canucks? https://twitter.com/#!/SportsnetHorn

    1. canuck_trevor16


      how reliable is this source?

    2. WestCoastCanucks


      He works with sportsnet so he's probably legit. Scott Rintoul retweeted it as well for what it's worth.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Never gonna happen

  7. The new realignment with 4 conference is going to be hard to get used to. Lots of change.

    1. canuck_trevor16


      wait no more west and east?

  8. OMG Snow?

    Haha I'm watching it right now. Hilarious.
  9. "In 22 years, they're the most arrogant team I've played against." - Mark Recchi on Vancouver in the finals. Bruins are really the ones to talk about arrogant.

    1. :D


      Damn, I was going to post something snappy before reading it but that hit hard.

  10. I love how it's almost 4am and there's been 348 users browsing CDC in the last 15 minutes. Only 13ish more hours guys!

  11. OMG Snow?

    So I wake up and it's snowing like crazy outside in Abbotsford out of nowhere? Was not expecting that in mid April.
  12. Damnnn Sedins better come to play tomorrow!

  13. OMG Earthquake?

    Just horrific. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Japan. Really does seem something out of a movie watching those devastating images.
  14. OMG Snow?

    I love snow. I hope it keeps snowing all night as I really don't want to go to class tomorrow morning.
  15. Good moves by Canucks on July 1st = Good birthday present

  16. What are you listening to?

    B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes
  17. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    It happens. He obviously knows who the player is, just a slip of the tongue. This hate for Weekes is weird, he favors the Canucks a lot so I'm surprised that Canuck fans have a problem with him too.
  18. Catching up

    It's great to have you guys back home! It really has been too long. I heard the atmosphere at the curling venues was very loud which is different than what it usually is like as well. Also nice to hear that you had a week off and got to enjoy some sun. You deserve some rest after blocking all those shots Anyways good luck against the Sens tonight!
  19. OMG Snow?

    What a let down
  20. OMG Snow?

    Flurries are coming down in Abby too. Hopefully it sticks!
  21. CDC Latenight Lounge

    That is the problem with staying up so late! I always get so hungry
  22. You gave your today for our tomorrow

    Beautiful thread. Lest we Forget.
  23. Opening night - OCT.08.08

    Good luck this year Darcy! I can imagine it would be very tough to leave your wife during pregnancy with the all the road games this October so hopefully everything goes well. Finding out the gender of the baby and the season opener? Seems like a pretty big day. The game against the Flames will probably have a lot of different emotions with the whole tribute to Luc. But it's very exciting to finally get the season going. Thanks for keeping us updated with the blog. It's always a good read.