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  1. Yeah, down to the last day I saw that Nash was playing last night and was thinking "please don't score". Essentially I won it on the goalie stats. Much like most of my games last year.
  2. Suck it Gooseberries
  4. I watched the first two episodes a couple of times. I'll probably do the same with this one. I don't know why
  5. I've become desensitized to winter storms, so they rarely bother me anymore If they occur to the south of the border the world is ending though,
  6. Hertha Berlin with one of the scummiest performances you'll see this season.
  7. It's become a regular on the songbook at Celtic Park recently so I've had it stuck in my head for weeks. Sad story.
  8. Here we go again. For the record, this isn't a declaration of a second referendum. More of a threat that if Scotland isn't appropriately involved in the Brexit negotiations then they're not afraid to bring the question up again.
  9. Elliott has always been an average, sometimes bordering on good, goaltender who benefited greatly from Hitchcock's trap system in St Louis. So a poor season on a team like Calgary isn't going to be all that surprising.
  10. There's something about Matthews that I find incredibly annoying. He comes across as such an unlikable person.
  11. I've enjoyed it so far to be honest. Enough to keep me watching anyway.
  12. Yeah, I was torn between depth up front and depth in goal. I got lucky last year when Jones and Luongo (I think) dropped fairly low.
  13. Apologies - had a fantasy draft to attend (for this site) and didn't have time to answer. I'm sure the Lisbon Treaty was ratified by all of the EU member states. I think everyone needed to be on board or it wouldn't be passed. Although I think there was some controversy regarding Ireland. I'm not 100% sure. Out just now or I'd google it.
  14. Hall - Crosby - Toffoli Hoffman - H.Sedin - Okposo Skinner - Trocheck - Laine Boedker - Marner Carlson - Doughty Ristolainen - Markov Leddy Holtby Mrazek
  15. Do I prefer the capital to be Berlin? What? The UK is already in control of it's own military and borders. EU immigrants contribute as much as they gain from employment here. Many immigration concerns (and I should point out that I don't criticise those who have genuine immigration concerns) were regarding refugees and economic migrants from outside Europe. I don't see what benefit leaving the EU is going to bring in that regard. The irony regarding the whole "EU immigrant = bad" rhetoric was that the UK itself has approximately 4 million citizens working abroad in EU member states. And heavily pay the price if we want to trade with our European neighbours now. Again, I can't see any significant benefit leaving brings us in that regard, unless we sign some miraculous bumper trade deal with someone else. And even then we export the majority of our goods to the EU so there will need to be renegotiation, at our expese Is that how debates work now? To keep it simple, because the EU, while it is nowhere close to perfect, carries with it far more benefits than disdvantages. Is it expensive? Yes. But you get access to the single market (which laughably we'll now have to pay a steep price for), the freedom to work and study abroad, funding for projects and research that wouldn't be funded otherwise, millions of jobs related to EU trade, fair rights, shared intelligence and culture. The reality is that nobody knows what they're doing when it comes to Brexit. Theresa May is a joke and some of the messages coming from the Tories right now are downright worrying. Keeping a register of all foreign workers? Really? Not to mention the main players who campaigned for it have all jumped ship. The pound has totally collapsed, unsurprisingly. It's a ******* mess.