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  1. Looking forward to seeing Logan in a couple of weeks. Got pretty impressive reviews so far.
  2. Eriksson jersey fail Good night CDC
  3. LOL. I'm going to bed. This is typically Canuck-like.
  4. It's 05.22 my time. I don't know why I'm still up. I'm not even overly fussed about winning.
  5. I love Eugene Levy, but Schitt's Creek actually looks Schitt.
  6. Our PP looks so lethargic in comparison to theirs.
  7. Hey, Willie. Come and stand in front of this window for a second. "Why?" No reason.
  8. I love how Philip Larsen is up on that screen as if anyone would actually trade for him.
  9. 5 on 3 and you play Jayson f***** Megna. No wonder everyone hates Willie.
  10. Being sellers would require management to have a certain degree of common sense, but we all know that's not the case. Predicting a big fat nothing.
  11. Thailand was fantastic. I only spent 5 nights in and around Bangkok, but took day trips to Ayutthaya and Erawan National Park. Was impressed by Bangkok itself too. Spent a few nights in Kuala Lumpur but didn't think that much of it. It was alright, I guess. And then a few days in Singapore which I loved. I can see why people call it sterile, but I managed to do it on the relative cheap, there was a fair bit to see and do, it's safe and seems pretty liveable. I'd move there in a heartbeat if I could find work with a big enough salary.
  12. If Dortmund were kitted out in Bayern red the game would already be over and they'd have 11 men. Watched Robben deliberately kick the ball away yesterday and escape a booking but Sokratis is given two yellows for a gesture telling the the referee he's wrong.