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  1. For me the contract is a massive plus. Very reasonable even for 50 points in this market
  2. If it makes you feel any better Holtby left the game with a 0% save percentage and 22 GAA.
  3. Would be nice if I could channel some of my assists into goals. 53 assists but just over 20 goals. 1-0 anyway
  4. Japan were outstanding. Townsend, without trying to take away from Japan's achievement, needs to go though. His tactics were abysmal.
  5. The number one priority is the safety of the Japanese people and travelling fans. No one is upset at a forced cancellation - it's the total lack of a contingency plan that makes World Rugby so incompetent. I'm a little disappointed in the Italian Rugby Federation accepting it with a whimper. Not only is it unfair on the Italian squad and fans, but it also gives WR the perfect reason to cancel and not reschedule Sunday's game.
  6. This is turning into a farce. The "robust" contingency measures turned out to be no contingency measures at all.
  7. I've been waiting to use that again since United stuffed Arsenal 8-2. How times have changed.
  8. Still alive. Until the typhoon knocks us out
  9. I really think they need a new physics engine. I like Ultimate Team and doing the challenges but it's almost like they're trying to make the experience of playing a game unenjoyable. Ridiculous hitting and every poke check results in a tripping penalty.