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  1. I think I've already matched my win total from last season. Close to it anyway.
  2. Fraser Forster is God. No business winning that. Let's all laugh at Rangers
  3. Boeser is frustratingly anonymous. Like he's skating through mud half the time.
  4. Up against KJ in two leagues this week. I care about this one more than the other
  5. I think every single GM is active which is making a huge difference. I've won a few matchups by the skin of my teeth.
  6. Hello I never have weeks this good btw. Tight matchup.
  7. So it should have been settled behind closed doors and Peters allowed to keep on making millions as an NHL coach? Despite physically abusing players and allegedly burying a player in a lower league to cover up his racist behaviour? Sure thing caveman.
  8. Forgot to start Holtby twice this week and still won
  9. Eagles penalty. I can't believe it.