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  1. @Mainly Mattias was a likeable poster He also had some epic duels with Hodor
  2. I always remember his thread on how it was irresponsible for parents to allow their kids to believe in Santa.
  3. Can't afford to be dropping points at home to dross like Anaheim if we're serious about the playoffs
  4. Don't know what was going through Stecher's head there. He positioned his stick so that it was always going to direct towards the goal.
  5. I'd like to thank whoever dropped Tony DeAngelo. Great pickup for a Dman.
  6. Needing to start winning again and sharpish. To say the out of town scoreboard has been kind on this losing streak is an understatement.
  7. Difficult but winnable. And we will. 4-2 to the good guys. Horvat Eriksson Pearson Miller
  8. I've been to funerals with a better atmosphere than Rogers Arena, so that's not saying much