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  1. You're forgetting that Methot is 32 and Tanev only 27. Tanev is significantly more valuable.
  2. Everything is taking a beating today.
  3. I wonder why your reputation is negative 50...
  4. I think we've had a brilliant draft. But there will always be people here upset that we didn't take the good 'ole Canadian boys.
  5. Too easy.
  6. Fine, ignore me for pointing out nonsense. Not the first time.
  7. Well said. With love, S7C
  8. Vilardi is falling hard.
  9. Another Europhobe. How original.
  10. I wonder if Buffalo trade. There's been murmurs. Lots of love, S7C
  11. Holy overreaction Batman.
  12. I'm not that bothered actually. They know a lot more about the guy than I do.
  13. Looks shy
  14. Good God... I mean, Pettersson is good but Glass was there.
  15. He's going to trade this, isn't he?