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  1. Not really. I expect him to get minimal minutes. I just hate WD.
  2. Willie will probably bench him for the rest of the game for having the audacity to score a goal.
  3. I for one am shell-shocked.
  4. Please God... Please.
  5. No Megna?! We're well and truly screwed now.
  6. Did you really expect anything else from him?
  7. The police did the shooting, so don't turn this into a firearms debate.
  8. Can't see Celtic selling Tierney unless there's a ridiculous offer coming in.
  9. Jesse Lingaard is the definition of cringe Good goal though.
  10. No need for the condescending comment, but thanks. And yeah. Until like 5 in the morning.
  11. Blasphemy!
  12. And so Willie said unto them, Jayson shall have all the ice time and ye shall be saved. Also Reid Boucher is Satan reincarnate.
  13. Why does Willie hate Boucher so much? It's like he gets a kick out of benching him.
  14. Megna looked lethal. Chaput dazzled. So glad to have them on our team. Bring on the playoffs!
  15. For God's sake Arizona. You just couldn't bring yourself to win, could you?