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  1. Scotland has almost eliminated it, but it's impossible for us to entirely due to the moronic actions of the government to the South. It's not a dig at the English people, but the spread is inevitable when they'll visit later this month. Pubs opened down there at 6am today. 6am. During a pandemic.
  2. I'm not a tank proponent, but Lafreniere would make us contenders for the forseeable, while also giving us the flexibility to trade for a much needed upgrade on D. That said, we wouldn't be lucky enough to win the lottery if we were involved.
  3. Fun fact - Steven Mnuchin's father in law is my landlord, who lives next door.
  4. This. I've seen too many dismissing it as just "locker room culture" or being one of the boys, as if it's in some way acceptable. Comments about Virtanen's crew or Dowd are alright - it could easily just be banter and I wouldn't be bothered if it were me on the other end. But the use of "fat native pig" and all the other misogynstic crap, even in a private conversation, is disgraceful. I can honestly say that I never talk that way and probably wouldn't associate with anyone that would. I know of people who did, particularly at school, but even back then it certainly wasn't the majority. And we're going back 15 years. The world has changed a lot even in that short time.
  5. Sad but not surprising. When I was a kid I would have jumped at the chance to live in the US. Of course, that's before I knew what a &^@#ed up country it is - what with the racial divides, the extortionate cost of healthcare (an actual human right), the huge income disparity, the lack of any kind of work-life balance and the unhealthy obsession with firearms and the military. I cannot think of anywhere worse. Certainly not in the developed world anyway.
  6. Having access to an assault rifle is not and will never be a human right. Get a grip.
  7. All the courses are closed unfortunately. I have three within a 10 minute walk of my place.
  8. I'm lucky enough to live with this view and a nature reserve right on my doorstep, so a lot of walking (once a day obviously keeping my distance from others). Also been using VR to exercise in the house... BoxVR is surprisingly good. Lost 6 pounds since the lockdown started.
  9. Half Life Alyx is a game changer and justifies VR The most immersive game I've ever played
  10. In an ideal world no. But the reality is that a significant number of people have a "it will never happen to me" mentality or are too stupid to comply with social distancing measures. Because of that some sort of enforced lockdown is necessary for at least a few weeks to slow the spread, or you'll have another Italy situation on your hands with hundreds dying every day. People can't be trusted to do the right thing by themselves. They've shown that time and time again in recent weeks.
  11. They won't test anyone here unless they have severe symptoms. Such is the wisdom of the British government. We'll have no idea of the real figures. It's a guessing game. I've no idea - I'm not in touch with them that often. My dad told me on the phone earlier. I'm pretty sure they'll have been in contact with everyone they've been in contact with - common sense really. Thanks!