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  1. I'm a hardcore Real fan. And a Bayern fan. And a Barcelona fan. And Atletico. And PSG. And Juventus too. Anyone but Rangers really.
  2. I know I'm generalising a bit here but Canadians (the fans anyway, not the team itself) have come across as being pretty arrogant and entitled throughout this tournament. I didn't think that was a Canadian trait.
  3. If you ever find yourself in Glasgow and need a ticket just hit me up (season ticket holder at Celtic) For the game last month I was offered one extra ticket. It's difficult as they're like gold dust and there are 52,000 + season ticket holders now but it's doable.
  4. It's a farce that Trump is even there at this stage. Clinton is almost as bad. Not quite.
  5. They're missing Alan Shearer.
  6. The Ultimate Team market is so saturated at the moment. So many cheap players.
  7. I've made some healthy pocket money from matched betting.
  8. Are you joking?
  9. Ron MacLean needs to stop thinking he's a poet. You're not a poet Ron. So cut out the corny crap.
  10. 17 goals in 3 games. Tuchel obviously ripped into them after Leipzig.
  11. What's with the obviously electronic ads on the boards? Air Canada and the 5th season.
  12. It seems eerily quiet on here... Is there another thread I'm not seeing or are people really just not that interested?
  13. No worries Pretty intense start. Should hopefully get the fans into it.
  14. I'm not whining. Sorry if it came across that way. I'm staying up to watch it, and it's hockey, so how bad could it be?
  15. Didn't know Thornton became homeless over the summer.