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  1. = Too narrow minded and/or stupid to differentiate between radical Islam and the average Muslim. I don't see anyone defending terrorism. I am defending the upwards of 1 billion poor people who are tarred with the same brush for no reason other than the God they choose to worship.
  2. So showing any kind of religious tolerance makes one an appeaser? Get a grip.
  3. Is that supposed to offend me? Gordon Brown was as big a clown as Blair was. And I just posted a poll staying that the majority of the British public would never forgive him. There are several such polls disputing what you're stating. Popular my arse.
  4. Tony Blair does not remain popular. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that he was as divisive and unpopular as any Prime Minister. Because of his lies in the lead up to the Iraq war and his willingness to follow Bush into anything. He's incredibly lucky that he hasn't been prosecuted as a war criminal.
  5. I think they love people like you more. And using Tony Blair as a proponent of your narrow minded views is laughable. A lying warmonger thinks Muslims = bad? I wouldn't trust Blair to make an honest judgement on anything, never mind an entire religion. But hey, I guess you have to cherry pick any source that supports your small minded, pathetic opinions on Islam. Obsessed is putting it lightly.
  6. That girl isn't in a good way at all just now Her friend still missing too. Looks like the military will be deployed for the SC Final in Glasgow this weekend and at other events across the UK.
  7. I believe that they just found her in a hospital with serious burns but her friend is still missing. Like I said, I don't know that side of the family at all but it's a close knit community up there so hopefully they both end up being OK.
  8. My dad's cousin's kid is still missing. Don't really know that side of the family at all but she's only 15. Horrible.
  9. I'm sorry, but that's simply not true and the situation isn't really comparable. While it's true that in Northern Ireland those from a Catholic background made up the majority of the PIRA, they didn't 'want protestants gone'. Loyalist groups perhaps. But ultimately they wanted a united Ireland free of Britain and while less common there were Protestants within the ranks. The troubles would be better described as republican vs unionist as opposed to Catholic vs Protestant. It was (and still is) more related to culture and politics than religion.
  10. Oh, I agree. I'm extremely critical of the US and UK in particular and their atrocities in the Middle East and beyond.
  11. My immediate thought was that the attendees of this concert are likely going to be kids. Whoever did this truly is a sick bastard.
  12. Celtic Park was rocking today. First team to go unbeaten in Scotland in 118 years. And a stunning tribute to the Lisbon Lions to cap it off.
  13. Leipzig with the most pathetic collapse ever Oh well, at least they have CL football to look forward to. Oh... wait. They probably don't.
  14. Don't pollute this thread with facts! How dare you!