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  1. How is it? Saw it on sale recently and was torn between it and the Sony a6000.
  2. I was indeed. Astana were well organised in the first half but totally collapsed in the second. Eases the pressure for next week.
  3. What a night! So buzzing just now.
  4. AKA "I'm out of my depth."
  5. I'll play on the basis that there are active GMs this year. It's understandable if life gets busy but I think last season there was only about 5 of us active by week 3 or 4. It's not as fun when the same people are guaranteed victory most weeks. Thanks for organizing this anyway!
  6. This season has felt incredibly rushed.
  7. I think we are due a correction. I was thinking that it would stabilize around $35ish, but there just seems to be so much momentum behind it at the moment.
  8. NEO is going absolutely crazy. $52. I bought in at $7 and I'm wishing I'd just gone all in on it. Interested in seeing what happens when Asia wakes up.
  9. What's the point in FFP when PSG will just buy them anyway?
  10. It was great, yeah. My only gripe is that the role of the French wasn't covered in any detail.
  11. Bought Omisego at $3.30 and woke up to it at $5.
  12. NEO is at $23. I've made a few hundred off it so far but I'm gutted I didn't have the extra savings to put in back when it was $7. Oh well. Hopefully there isn't a massive dump coming up.
  13. One day you might look back upon those 4,345,894 occasions in which you turned Colon Dee down and wonder what could have been.