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  1. Very good value for Burrows. Benning really Benning'd Dorion.
  2. I hope that was sarcasm.
  3. This isn't from Fox News. Fake! Fake!
  4. I made it up. Therefore it is credible news. Spread the word everyone. Those pesky Obamas!
  5. What an intelligent and thoughtful response.
  6. After Hours is going to be great!
  7. Mark Lee is essentially the anti-Cassie. He gets overly excited about the most insignificant things. "OHHH WHAT A THING OF BEAUTYYYYY" - Empty netter.
  8. That's not exactly a great achievement
  9. Can't wait for Logan (...not Couture). I don't even particularly like the Wolverine movies. It just looks good.
  10. Nice goal Couture.
  11. That was like four years ago
  12. What are you talking about? They don't agree with you. You called him a "cowardly weasel who hides behind the ref" and then proceeded to say "get him off my team". All this after a clean hit. And his restraint probably earned us a PP opportunity. If that's you being "right" then you're even worse than I gave you credit for.
  13. I like this kid. And there's Cassie killing the excitement again.
  14. I found the bluntness of that answer amusing.
  15. I went to Argentina a couple of years ago and steak has never been the same for me since. It was so good that it's been ruined for me. I can't replicate it.