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  1. I don't think Willie knows what he's doing and have never disliked a coach to the degree that I dislike him. The recent win streak means F all to be honest.
  2. Neither will Scotland, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. The T shirt is a bit cringe, but I guess it's a good cause.
  4. Japan is my favourite country in the world. You'll have a blast.
  5. I see the stereotypical grandma is sitting next to the penalty box.
  6. Well, he's going to get his Wiener.
  7. One of the worst proposals I've seen on this forum and that's saying something.
  8. 3 on 3 OT should just be played until there's a winner. Screw the shootout.
  9. Thought that was a pretty weak call there. Not surprised we paid for it.
  10. 19 points clear by Hogmanay!
  11. In the UK the rear ender is always considered to be at fault. They need to maintain a safe distance in order to be able to react to anything that happens in front of them. If they can't do that then they are at fault. Doesn't sound like the OP came to a sudden stop either, which makes the rear ender even worse.
  12. I'm pretty sure the previous eruptions there have been VEI 7, not VEI 8.
  13. There's evidence to suggest that the Deccan Trap eruptions were at least partially responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, so a supervolcanic eruption can have a big influence on climate, at least in the short term. The Siberian Traps are also well worth reading about. Also led to a huge mass extinction event. More recently the Laki fissure eruptions in Iceland (about 220 years ago I think. Can't remember the exact year) are also interesting. Also Tambora in 1816. Summer snows and a contributor to widespread famine. I could read about volcanoes for hours. Sadly jobs in volcanology are in short supply.
  14. At least he's somewhat entertaining Happy Holidays indeed.
  15. I think it's a great idea. Something that's been needed for a long time. If the organisation cared about improving the game day experience they would designate an official supporters section so that the people who want to create an atmosphere can do so together and the people who continuously moan about someone in their section being loud aren't bothered. Call it a one season trial. If it's a success consider the option to expand it. We really need to try better to make Rogers Arena a more difficult place for the opposition to play. Atmosphere in sports and the home ice advantage can have a huge influence.