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  1. OJ is our only defenseman that put the puck on forwards sticks. Our other D have a 5 foot range.
  2. Man I couldn't imagine making the NHL and then having to play for Calgary...
  3. I'm surprised to see a feature on that. I thought all of the players had no fun clauses in their contracts.
  4. Sharks unveil third jersey

    Some of these third jerseys are absolute fire. I think I'll be adding the Ducks, Devils, Coyotes, and Canucks to the collection this year.
  5. I just like the Tkachuk style of play minus the real bonehead incidents. I was a big Kesler fan, and he was a real jerk. Dont get me wrong I want OJ to succeed, tonight is another example of us needing some defensive talent that he could provide.
  6. Absolutely, it could be an injury or a random TG decision. But my opinion of OJ was still the same before tonight’s game.