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  1. As a fan I appreciate the energy the Comets brought to this game. It wasn't a great game by any means but it kept me awake.
  2. Miller is all over the place tonight.
  3. We might have something with this Boucher kid.
  4. BOOM! Thats the type of player we need here.
  5. Sutter must lead the league in crossbars.
  6. Right into the crest.
  7. My dislike for Eriksson is so high, that I think it's bad for my health.
  8. That was god awful
  9. That sums up Daniels year.
  10. Eriksson failing to do something.. Surprise!!!!!
  11. Somebody tell Grenier that we don't finish checks up at the big club.
  12. McEneny is already doing something Larsen can't do.. Play defense and hit the net.
  13. So congrats to Joe for getting his 1000th apple tonight?
  14. Is Quick ready to return?