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  1. Hopefully he can get the help he needs.
  2. He signed a contract with Vaxjo for next year.
  3. It's a bummer that he won't play for Utica next year.
  4. Ohhhhhh boy.
  5. I've been pretty set on Cody Glass as my preferred pick, but man oh man if Makar is available. I'm going to be a mental mess.

    1. johngould21


      Middlestat looks confused, most confident seems to be Glass.


    2. b3.


      Yep, agreed. 

    3. johngould21


      This is going to go all over the board, from here on out, my opinion only

  6. I really can't figure out how Delorme has had that job for so long.
  7. Rumor has it he is already working on hacking into government databases and adjusting Jayson Megnas and Philip Larsens birth country to Canada.
  8. Ahhh man. This is out of hand.
  9. What is up with former Bruins' GMs and questionable trades?
  10. I'm still in cloud nine.
  11. It would be typical Canuck luck..