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  1. ......I dont see anyway team management has more then one (1) option ....yes I said ONE ....there is NO WAY we will be able to lure ANY big name or any top 6 or top 4 and its not the teams fault or managements for that matter ...its a simple matter of $$$ and I dont mean that in the greedy grab all you can while you can way , with our dollar at its current level and lets be honest can anyone see a massive change in the next give or take 5 years ? It doesn't make financial sense to sign with a Canadian team , any Canadian for that matter unless that team is willing to equalize the deal and thats NOT Vancouver......They have no choice but to build from within and stockpile young cap friendly assets. While many people seem to want something to happen with the twins I feel differently , they have about 4-5 years of decent offensive numbers left realistically but their days of top 10 are over and that hurts to admit but its true......Goal tending is safe for the next 4-7 years (let Miller leave when his contract is up or deal him late for a 2nd or 3rd rounder).....2 top 4 D men......and 3-4 top 6 forwards....are more then realistic.... add the twins in 2nd or 3rd line roles and the team is not all that far from being a strong continuous late round playoff contender. I know most people dont see it this way but the more I look at it the more sense it makes ....its all about the Benjamin's or in this case the Borden's
  2. ...........Finally a post that I more or less agree with .......the ONLY flaw in the expectations is the "Heart" and "Grit" .........I agree with your Goaltending assessment as I do with your "Forwards" assessment ........to be honest and I hate to admit it but I really don't know what to make of our Defense .....I want to be positive but I don't know enough about them to make an educated guess but I can hope for the best. Bottom Line , if it plays out like management want's it to then I also agree with your "Make a splash" comment , the team will have about the same offensive , stronger Goaltending , Solid Defense , top 10 PK&PP that sounds like a conference final or more. It just takes the players to be what they are expected to be and be relatively healthy and that's the hardest part to predict ..........I also expect a great season !
  3. Watching that "Holiday" clip just made me sad
  4. ...........Sometimes I feel VERY VERY OLD ! I read posts like this one with my own opinion firmly placed in my brain , and as I read the reply's It strikes me that some things never change .....I remember feeling positive about the up coming season , We will somehow work the kinks out , We will have some Rookie magic and our Goaltender is going to stand on his head , We WILL make the playoff's and then the REAL magic will begin....<---- that was what I felt in 1975...1980....1981....1991....2011...etc etc etc . I feel the same way every year and for years I read the same comments every year here....People are wired the same , In any given year the same people feel the sky is falling and the same people feel that "THIS" is our season..... I pay attention , I see what Team management is doing , I don't always agree with them (But then I don't get paid to make the decisions) , and every year there is going to be a player that for whatever unrealistic reason is going to make me feel this really could be our year ....the ONLY things that change is the language and statistics that people have access too......This could be our year
  5. With the toughness,determination and character that has already been added I dont agree with you at all...good room chemistry and a chance for some of our younger scorers to blossom will equal any loss of offence that you feel may have happened....I personally dont see any loss of offence when you consider that the top 6 forwards will now feel safer with the backing of toughness...something this team has lacked for many years....when you know they have your back you are bound to play harder and longer...and worse case scenario we have WAY better options come deadline day....team toughness makes up for a LOT of things and Canucks fans should know that better then anyone in this league
  6. I heard Tonya Harding is taking over PK duties and they are expecting Brian Boytano to work with the PP....now all they need is someone to help them hide the tire irons in their gear
  7. I dont see Edmonton in the top 10 at all
  8. I think your most of you are high on BC bud ...the prediction above is much closer to what will be reality......they will not get a top 10 pick unless they trade for it...they are/will be middle of the pack ....not saying they are a playoff team but it wouldnt surprise me because they way things are shaping up this years version will be closer to an actual team then in many years, and it looks like they will have more heart, toughness and determination....add to that more character and they become a dangerous commodity come playoff time......happens all the time...an 8th place team going deep just because of the character and will of the team....<----this is my prediction top 20 draft pick and 2 rounds in the playoffs
  9. According to JB and TL , Vey has been putting in heavy workouts over the summer...they make it sound like he is working harder then he ever has....and after some checking Its the first time I have heard that about him....makes me think he really wants to be a top player .......If he lives up to his potential I for one will be glad he is still a canuck....and for those on the other side of the tracks , If he does live up to his potential he would be worth 2 or 3 picks and a bag of pucks at the deadline...win win
  10. We had to do SOMETHING !!! There was no way that they could ice a contender with the current line up as it sits , so as painful as it seems , this team needed to make strong changes and as fans that's going to hurt...at least for a little while , I am cautiously optimistic and hopeful. There are some strong contenders in our system and with patience and decent coaching there could be some real gems in the coal pile. Maybe we even get lucky and have a few Horvat's in the mix and as much as I like to think I know all about this team , the truth is there are only a handful of people who truly understand some of the potential of our younger player's and NOT one of those people are here ...I am looking forward to what the "Stash" has to say and I cant wait for Rookie Camp !
  11. Trust me its actually kind of funny ....I started watching last nights game and its 2-0 Edmonton ...I put the game on the computer and switch the TV over to Vikings and next time I look back its 2-1.....yaaa......next thing I know its 4-2 and then 5-3.....I was seriously considering watching Scooby Doo with the kids....and as you know they had no issues after that.....I just find it funny that every culture has their various superstitions but when it comes to sports and hockey in particular , Superstitions seem to be extremely common.......
  12. ....Have you been an ignoramus all your life or just since you became a teenager ?........" I ams sures you have teaching degree cause of all you know about punctuation" .........people like you are a waste of skin....notice the other replies .....yeah screw you loser......at least others understood my tongue firmly placed in cheek......maybe when you grow up you might be ok.....although I have my doubts
  13. So as pathetic and ridiculous as this may sound , do you believe in hockey superstitions ? AND do you think a person could be a literal jinx ? ...yes,yes,yes I know exactly how that sounds (whack job) ...It seemed every time I tuned into a Canucks game this season the team they were playing would immediately score ??..for those of you that think I am joking should know this happened between 52 and 57 time's this season ( I didnt start a count till I realized a correlation)...and while that particular goal may not have played a part in the eventual outcome of the game the number of red X's on my Canucks game calender became alarmingly frequent...now deep inside I firmly believe that we as humans and the teams we cheer for make their own luck , you cant fault me for starting to feel a little bit uneasy......I have loved this team since 1970 and I have shed both blood and tears as a result........I in my heart of hearts know that this is simply foolish ...but it has made me realize that of all the worlds major sports , Hockey is probably the most superstitious of them all............The point of this post is curiosity ....do others feel as I do....?....in 81 I wore a King Richard jersey right through the finals...in 94 I wore a Mclean jersey right through the final...and in 2011 not only did I wear a Luongo jersey but I also pasted the logo's of the teams we beat on my truck just like fighter aces decorated their planes...I follow all sports but I have never had the same feelings that I have for The Canucks and by default Hockey........I would be very interested to know what other hard core fans do or not do...and hopefuly I am not alone in the psych ward ......Thanks for taking the time to read
  14. And Kesler still wanted out. "I hate losing and that season was painful, to be honest," he said on a conference call. "The fact that they’re in a rebuild and are looking to get younger and are years away from being a contender, I think it was just time for me to move on and win and hopefully take home a championship." I hope you break a leg ! and I REALLY hope Getzlaf doesnt like you and YOU are the cancer that causes the Ducks to crash....while I appriciate your time here I cannot sympathize with you NOT giving the new management team a chance to add the right players..... While it looks on the surface to be a poor trade , Benning wasnt given even a half chance thanks to the greed and ignorance of Kesler...So I believe it was in the best interest of the team to get a bag of pucks for him...3 assets and another 6 mill of cap space will make a huge difference ..WTG Benning I have to admit after all the facts come to light it would seem you made a fantastic deal for our team and I salute you !
  15. And just WHAT high flying offensive team lives in Vancouver ? Midget AA ??? This is NOT a high scoring offensive juggernaut , I cant see how we turned into one this off season ....