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  1. ......I dont see anyway team management has more then one (1) option ....yes I said ONE ....there is NO WAY we will be able to lure ANY big name or any top 6 or top 4 and its not the teams fault or managements for that matter ...its a simple matter of $$$ and I dont mean that in the greedy grab all you can while you can way , with our dollar at its current level and lets be honest can anyone see a massive change in the next give or take 5 years ? It doesn't make financial sense to sign with a Canadian team , any Canadian for that matter unless that team is willing to equalize the deal and thats NOT Vancouver......They have no choice but to build from within and stockpile young cap friendly assets. While many people seem to want something to happen with the twins I feel differently , they have about 4-5 years of decent offensive numbers left realistically but their days of top 10 are over and that hurts to admit but its true......Goal tending is safe for the next 4-7 years (let Miller leave when his contract is up or deal him late for a 2nd or 3rd rounder).....2 top 4 D men......and 3-4 top 6 forwards....are more then realistic.... add the twins in 2nd or 3rd line roles and the team is not all that far from being a strong continuous late round playoff contender. I know most people dont see it this way but the more I look at it the more sense it makes ....its all about the Benjamin's or in this case the Borden's
  2. And just WHAT high flying offensive team lives in Vancouver ? Midget AA ??? This is NOT a high scoring offensive juggernaut , I cant see how we turned into one this off season ....
  3. Sometimes a Coach is just a Coach....I think people need to redefine their understanding of the word "Coach" , Trotz would be a perfect fit...people seem to glide over the fact that he had to experience the gauntlet that is expansion and in a market that most ( Including me ) saw as doomed to failure from the start...they are still there, AND they are doing just fine, 17 years later. It will take a Coach with that experience to help the Canucks with the transition they are currently experiencing and it will save them years of "Oiler" like rebuilding....I personally hope he is interested in the Canucks position and I am NOT of the belief that its a done deal , EVERYONE in hockey knows Trotz and what he brings and there are at least 8 other teams that will take him in a Nashville minute and will drop any amount to get him....this will be his choice like a buffet of Cash....Lets all hope he LOVES the Canucks offer