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  1. I love it when someone hits Lucic cleanly, he can never take it like a man. Such sour grapes on this guy it's unbelievable...
  2. After years of Blackhawks hate, I began liking them, good strong team, always have the right pieces, plus the NHL took the rivalry away. But please, GO BLACKHAWKS GO! I hope Kessler never wins anything ever again.
  3. So little love for the Capitals! They probably have one of the best if not best D corps in the league, Carlson, Alzner, niskanen, Green, Orpik, Gleason. Every forward line of the caps can forecheck and cause damage. You guys think the Jets were built for the playoffs? This team is deep and they need to win now! Holtby has his games but he needs be be solid all the time. Rangers will put up a good fight for sure but Capitals in 7.
  4. I don't believe anything they say honestly. Seems like they are trying to bury a story and make the public believe what they say. But we will see what happens I guess.
  5. I totally agree with you, they have little to no evidence that anything even happened. They are just jumping to random conclusions...its still pretty sad that a plane just disappears. Im still baffled from the day this happened.
  6. If anyone is a Rap and Hip/Hop enthusiast, go check out ASAP Rocky's new album which came out today, Long.Live.ASAP. Currently number 1 on iTunes and it is possibly one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. 5/5 Take a listen people.
  7. That part was really epic! He`s just putting the money in and he just turns around and the DEA is staring at him and he looks at his money...HAHA. Brilliant just brilliant.
  8. lol

    ethan connor larsen

  9. manjot gill everybody