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  1. In earlier years where I was able to be on my computer during games, it was always a battle with you to post in this topic whenever Burr lit the lamp. If this is the death of this thread it has been an honor bumping this topic and reminding people that We really need Burrows with you Deb
  2. What may be the last time he puts the puck in the net for the Nucks, The tribute to Bourdon. &^@#... Im gonna cry
  3. But.....guys like Milbury and Healy give me hope that I too one day can become an NHL color commentator. Except I haven't played in the NHL. yet.
  5. More seriously;
  6. #1 on the season, Such skill by Burr :D WOO
  7. My Buff friends says that he checked his ego, which means that he just didn't perform well on a struggling Buffalo team, sucks for him now because Buff is starting to pick it up but I wonder if he'll ever come to the form we were all hyped up about..
  8. As much as I like him, this makes the Dorsett signing even more questionable since I see them fitting the same role more or less, just the experience with Dorsett But I'm happy, I love what I saw from Kenins last season
  9. I can see the sentiment, how can you have a "face of the NHL" or <insert team> and market it when during the regular season they can potentially look vastly different than the playoffs. However, long live the tradition of playoff bears (coming from someone who can't grow one )
  10. Really great hike took my group about 6 1/2 hours when half of the trail was flooded so we had to take detours, you don't have to be an experienced hiker by any means. It gets pretty steep at some points, nothing too bad to make you scramble but honestly if you're in moderate shape you should be fine. Also do bring your camera, there's great views into the salmon arm, overlooking deep cove and vancouver way in the back
  11. As a hockey player, and avid Canuck fan through the "dark years" of Keenan and goalie graveyards/rotating goalies and being the whipping boys of the west, as much as I'd say I won't get emotionally involved with the Canucks it just happens. And that's what being a fan (and rather a hockey-loving dude) is. Doesn't mean I don't criticize the time, hell my friends say I'm too critical of what the Canucks can produce at times. Sometimes we get the breaks, sometimes we don't. Everyone's human including the refs. Don't like it? Don't watch. Simple.
  12. So Malkin and Crosby won't be traded, but what about Malkin OR Crosby? Seriously though, that much starpower effectively rendered useless this season, wonder where it all went wrong
  13. Given how Calgary has played at home, and how lackluster we played there I'm inclined to agree. I really hope the Canucks prove me wrong though
  14. 2011 cause our core players were younger and it showed. You also have to consider the teams we will have to face... it's not just about our team
  15. I remember when us fans were like that on every play, now we just expect it at times and it's like "meh".... won't truly appreciate the Sedins until they're gone