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  1. I need to make a decision to drop and pick up a player in my franchise pool. I want to drop either Kozlov (atl) or Connolly (buf) or Mueller (pho) All three get decent PP time, although Kozlov gets PP1 time whereas i think Connolly get PP2 time. all three play on the 2nd line. The question is; is Kozlov on his way out? Is Connolly an above average player (last year he had 47 points in 48 games)? Is Connolly injury prone? Will Mueller get line 1 or PP1 time? Will Mueller step it up? My options to pick up one player are: Zajac, Guerin, Prospal, Dubinsky, Laich, S. Koivu, Pavelski, or Wolski. Who should i drop / pick up and why? Thanks guys, let me know!
  2. Canucks look alikes

    haha devastating
  3. Canucks look alikes