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  1. Persistant lil bugger, ladies man.
  2. Most overrated? Murray baron
  3. Guance is going to make a huge playoff impact if he steps nicely into newly vacant pk shoes or wins more faceoffs
  4. Dont give up on gaunce. I sense he has far more potential then kesler did at the same stage to make an impact on wins. Hes not bad in faceoffs...good foundational traits and not the predictable type
  5. What a bum
  6. Are you nuts? The only guy as effective as horvat rn?
  7. Sedins are ok. Dont feed the trolls
  8. Hamhuis was an elite stay at home d when he played with salo in 2011.
  9. Give the man some linemates for the love of god
  10. I bet brendan gaunce is going to make ryan kesler look very foolish in the not so distant future
  11. In b4 pill prices and chronic diseases skyrocket. Killuminati to ur body
  12. I don't forsee hansen being higher the burrows on the depth chart again this year.
  13. I'm excited to see him work with Malhotra on draws and turn into a wrecking ball shutdown center. Think Sami Paulson circa 2006 conn Smythe nominee with more ability