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  1. it's an experiment lol

  2. A name change doesn't erase negs sadly.

    thanks for the comment about my sig.

  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    what!?!? Downie has 20 goals?
  4. You probably have one of the cutest sigs in the forum. Well done!

  5. whats this 4 birthday wishes from random people in '08 and none in '09. This society is in the crapter!

  6. Peter Andersson Talk

    good for him, I always thought young players barely got any ice time in the SEL wasn't Rodin effectively benched when he was called up to the SEL, even though he was managing to score very well for his ice time.
  7. haaappppy biiirthhdaay!

  8. Just passing.