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  1. Sweet Jesus the twins are alwful.Kicking my ass for picking them1-2 in my pool.Danielis aweful this year.He now has the same amount of goals as Kris Versteeg.Yay.Stop whining the twins need a linemate.Perhaps Daniel needs to find his scoring touch.
  2. Peaches I hate the"none of us are as good as Gillis" line.Comparing us to gillis is like comparing the results of a cat in a greyhound race.But comparing Mg's abilities to the other 29 dogs in the race is ligitimate.He would be close to last and in my opinion based on this team,Lu's treatment,his nothing for schneider trade(I call it that because we don't know the pick will actually be anything as where he could have made a trade for a bonifide nhl player)and a volitile head coach that should wait for the dressing room to call out a player,he would be dead last..Doing it in front of fans and tv and the opposing team is disrespectful.Do it a few times and you have a player that will disrespect his coach.But I digress.To all that use the line that we are not gms so stop trying,we just compare him to the trades other gms seem to make.LA the year they won the cup is a prime example.We aren't comparing peaches to plums but rather peaches to peaches here poster.
  3. You can watch Hodgson all you want but Burrows is the guy I am keeping my eye on.His play changed last year and he stopped driving the net.The beauty tip ins were few and far between.He spent less time out front.Yes I know he started the seaon late becuase of the shoulder butI think Gillis telling him to cut down on his chippy play hurt him and he lost some of the cockiness he had.Say what you want but in the Boston series in the final 2 games he spent a ton of time away from the hard areas that he usually plays in.I actually saw him in game 6 skate to the side board and just stop and watch the play.I wish Gillis would just let Burrows bark so he gets some of his bite back.