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  1. I do feel some small sense of satisfaction that the prediction has held up at the end of the season. Seems most agree that Vrbata is better utilized on the 2nd line. Just please don't point out my follow up post where I retracted my predication - why spoil the fun?
  2. I think it's a little off to be blasting Kesler though I realize it's a free world and opinions are just that. The fact that he mentioned his kids as a reason for requesting a trade generates a reasonable doubt in terms of his attitude. Who knows what was going on with his personal life and I can't imagine being up front about it at the time would have improved the situation for him or his family. Kesler gave us great heart and service while he was a Canuck and should be respected for that.
  3. Was going to wait for 10 games but writing seems to be on the wall, my prediction was dead dead wrong. Can't say I am unhappy. A Canucks team that is actually scoring is quite the treat.
  4. I thought they looked great last night as well! I underrated Vrbata's aggressiveness which seems to be rubbing off on the Sedins without disrupting their playing style (actually complimenting it). In this case I'll be happy to be wrong but it's early so I won't admit defeat yet. The doubt is definitely creeping in, hope they keep it up.
  5. My hypothesis was that Vrbata won't stick 5v5 but will on the PP, not sure how a pretty power play goal works against that. I guess I should finish with good luck on the thread replies, this season?
  6. Appreciate a that a decent discussion resulted my I just want the regular season to start so we can see what really happens. Come on Vrbata (and Daniel and Henrik) prove me wrong...or not...really I don't care as long as the coaching staff find something that works and is fun to watch.
  7. Funny how people think it's more rational to judge that it will work after 2 pre-season games than that it won't work. It's not a prediction if you wait long enough to actually know for sure. How many Sedin partners have looked great on paper and then flopped. Again just talking 5v5 here. I believe Vrbata (was doing a Don Cherry for a bit there...Bieska haha) because of his skill will have similiar success to Pavol and Naslund which is pretty good but not enough to stick....not in the way Burrows did. I'll be pleasantly suprised if this thread get's bumped at the end of the season as a big fat "We told you so".
  8. Nah that just made me laugh thanks man! Solid trollin' If I'm wrong it won't be the first time and I'll get over it. Someone mentioned Vbrata and Bonino, I'd be willing to bet on some chemistry there.
  9. I like Vbrata. I like his nose for offense (something this team needs!) but watching the last game (yes I know it was just one game) it occured to me why Burrows has worked so well with the Sedins in the past and why I don't think Vbrata will. I think Vbrata is too predictable. I think Burrows is a more dynamic player and that the chaos he creates is part of what made that line work (when it worked). Heck I think Hansen is probably their 2nd best option (5 on 5) in that regard. Power play. Sure he can play Kesler's old role and I think our power play will be much better this year. This could maybe have gone into one of the many line-up threads but that isn't really what I am proposing for discussion. The question I pose is people (admittedly after only a few games) think Vbrata is the guy for the Sedins 5v5. I already think no.
  10. I like it. I don't get to go to many games (maybe 1 a year) but it comes through the TV broadcast really well and you can hear the crowd woo'ing all the time after a goal which is good because often the crowd is waaaay too quiet.