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  1. what's on my mind? the canucks obviously

  2. I stare at your sig for about 5 minutes and laugh every time the ball goes in the net - great job

  3. your sig is hilarious i just spent a solid 2 minutes watching it over and over again

  4. lol i thought it was funny too man! but the mods ruined the fun QUICKLY. :(

  5. "There's Brian Burke... and the former something something something Mike Gillis something something something something." lol

  6. hey thanks for downloading & commenting on my music!! made my day dude :D if you like, you can hear about new tracks coming at facebook.com/eman8ions - thanks again man!!

  7. hey man i downloaded your stuff from itunes its great to study to right on

  8. BERNIER ♥

  9. who is jumping up and down in your sig?

  10. Thanks man! Are you jealous?

  11. LOL!!! But the commercial is so catchy!!

  12. Believe in Blue 2010 Wallpaper

    how do i make it my wallpaper? im on a mac btw