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  1. what's on my mind? the canucks obviously

  2. I stare at your sig for about 5 minutes and laugh every time the ball goes in the net - great job

  3. your sig is hilarious i just spent a solid 2 minutes watching it over and over again

  4. lol i thought it was funny too man! but the mods ruined the fun QUICKLY. :(

  5. "There's Brian Burke... and the former something something something Mike Gillis something something something something." lol

  6. hey thanks for downloading & commenting on my music!! made my day dude :D if you like, you can hear about new tracks coming at facebook.com/eman8ions - thanks again man!!

  7. hey man i downloaded your stuff from itunes its great to study to right on

  8. BERNIER ♥

  9. who is jumping up and down in your sig?

  10. Thanks man! Are you jealous?

  11. LOL!!! But the commercial is so catchy!!

  12. how do i make it my wallpaper? im on a mac btw