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  1. Did you pay for the test and then after they saw your windows they kept the money and cancelled the test?
  2. They are illegally tinted I believe. I bought the car from the dealership like this but I don't think any tinting is allowed on the front windows. The question is, are they going to make me roll them up to check them, and if they do, will they not let me do the test?
  3. I'm taking my road test this week and I just came to the painful realization that they might not let me do the test because my front side windows are tinted. Anyone have any experience with this? If I roll down the windows before I go into Icbc will they make me roll them up while they inspect my vehicle? I don't think there is any other vehicle I can use besides my own right now...
  4. Cardio for long periods of time deteriorates muscle and decreases your testosterone just so you know.
  5. Expendables 3 - 4.5/10 Absolute brainless and unrealistic action.
  6. From the album cat

  7. Hey guys, whats your opinion of Omega 3 fish oil? I'm thinking about getting some but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a brand to get. I was gonna get either Nordic Naturals Ultimate or the GNC Triple Strength fish oil.
  8. I miss it already.
  9. You guys ever hit the sauna after a workout? I know idealy you would have an icebath or something to help repair but would the heat have the opposite effect of the sauna actually be bad for you? The other thing im worried about would be going to the sauna immediatly after lifting and not getting protein in me after the workout.
  10. Anyone have any tips to improve my pullup endurance? Currently doing 4 sets of pullups about 8 reps each set.. Looking to hit 10 reps per set. Would doing weighted pullups have any affect on my pullup endurance? I've been doing regular pullups for months and seem to have plateud a bit, is there any way I should mix things up or just keep pushing it?
  11. let me guess... "google it"? Damn though, reallly like Mcconaughey's charcter
  12. In the season? or thats it for the show period?
  13. PS wins again... Remember the hddvd in Xbox 360? Now I hear xbox one can only play games in 720p? Sad.. Not to mention it costs $100 more, wtf??
  14. Thanks man.. This is the stuff I'll get, Decent price, good reviews... I'll give it a shot. That is the stuff you meant right? I notice it has added. BCaa and glutamine too
  15. double post