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  1. Did you pay for the test and then after they saw your windows they kept the money and cancelled the test?
  2. They are illegally tinted I believe. I bought the car from the dealership like this but I don't think any tinting is allowed on the front windows. The question is, are they going to make me roll them up to check them, and if they do, will they not let me do the test?
  3. I'm taking my road test this week and I just came to the painful realization that they might not let me do the test because my front side windows are tinted. Anyone have any experience with this? If I roll down the windows before I go into Icbc will they make me roll them up while they inspect my vehicle? I don't think there is any other vehicle I can use besides my own right now...
  4. Yeah, Rick Ross is a lyrical master... hahaha
  5. If you say so .. You lost all credibility when you put William Roberts on that list though. Lemme guess, #28 Lil Wayne, #29 Drake etc........ Frack outta here
  6. Lol you only named like 20 and Em is better than 95% of your list... Everyone's entitled to an opinion though, yours is just bad is all.
  7. Yeah, he makes it sound like he could be close but he's done that in the past multiple times as well... Would be a good way to go out though, a double album with greatest hits and a new album.. Personally, I love this song.
  8. It's supposed to be a double album... apparently 1 greatest hits and 1 new music.... Still not sure if it's Shady Records or an eminem solo album.. fuck!
  9. so you're saying you don't like this new song?
  10. Eminem Guts Over Fear featuring Sia released today.. Heres a link New double album set to come out November 28th... More info coming tomorrow, but it's thought to be a greatest hits album plus a new one. It's a reallly good song but pretty sad........
  11. Lol you're right.. It's my first time dealing with this so not sure how the system works but I guess the cop won't be there since I already plead guilty... How does the plea deal thing work? I dispute it, not plead guilty and try to get a reduced fine in the courtroom or what?
  12. Thanks.. I'm going to try it, the place is about a 5 minute drive away from me so unless I'm working shouldn't be a problem going to it. Also, I'm not 100% sure about this but I don't think a seatbelt ticket gets you points on your license.. Could be wrong though. edit: Just checked ICBC's website.. There is nothing there about a No Seatbelt ticket being a point on your license.
  13. To clarify a few things about my original post.... I have already plead guilty to the no seatbelt ticket, what I am disputing is the cost of the ticket (which is $160!!). In the hearing date notice they sent me it says I don't need to go to the hearing that day to try to dispute the cost of it, all I have to do is complete a violation ticket statement with written respone. I was hoping though that if I decide to go anyways, that there is the possibly of the cop not showing up and the judge just throwing it out.
  14. What about smokers than? I guarantee smokers cost the healthcare system more than people who dont wear their seatbelt, why aren't they getting tickets? I got caught on quota day, I saw bike cops pulling other people over earlier I should have taken note.