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  1. Good times.
  2. Just to be safe, are you referring to Alex Burrows, or do you just like to randomly talk about donkeys(while spelling wrong)?
  3. You realize you're going to have to post in this thread before every game now right?
  4. An author that lived in the beginning of the 20th century named William Hope Hodgson. One of his books being The Boats of the Glen Carrig.

  5. Who is the man in your avatar?

  6. Are you being serious?
  7. Epic... fin, or wail.
  8. I'll bet good money that if we take the cup with Burrows, we'll eventually see a Rudy-style movie made about him. His life has all the classic elements. Humble beginnings, hard work, determiniation, not drafted, then on the eve of his rise, his best friend is killed in a horribly tragic accident. I can already feel tears welling up as I watch the scene where he scores and points up the the LB.
  9. Ohhh, I've gone all bright red.

  10. Have I told you that I loved you recently?

  11. In case you miss it in the youtube thread:

  12. SHould know that his clients wouldn't be offended when told the cement is from a hug.
  13. Assumes that hugs have stipulations.
  14. IS about to get himself a big, stucco-arm hug.