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  1. you cannot make a player waive an ntc, and the offer has to be right for a trade, otherwise no point. Hammer wanting to come back here would have reduced his value, the benefit has to be worth it. Also if no team wants vbata then its not management fault fir not moving them. The real test us at the draft and fa. If you wanna blow up a team why not trade the sedins? Maybe because you need veterans not just picks, look at the oilers, and also the panthers how long it took them. This isn't nhl 16
  2. won't affect me, I live in the UK and catch the odd game at 4 or 5am in the morning, same as I always have for the last 20 years its been since I lived in Vancouver . tbh we need a rebuild and I hate that, I would prefer a Detroit model and always be competitive but we managed our players poorly and traded away/lost people when we shouldn't have. We also drove out coaches that brought us success. For all his faults AV is a good coach and he was driven out. Its time to tool up, stock the farm and get a good mix of veterans and youth. Give the vetrans the cash to make them come and use the farm to fill the gaps, those that are good enough we keep, the rest get traded and we then slowly bring through a new corp and phase out the vets. Standing still on deadline day is not a crisis. And those referencing the premier league the background behind it is that next year a new £3billion tv rights deal kicks in so fans were aggrieved with fenway sports group for raising the top tier of ticket prices to £77 from around £64. They felt it was price gouging when there has never been so much cash available before, so the situation is drastically different, also it was organised by spirit of shankley group, there isn't such a strong fan organisation with the canucks to make this happen any way.
  3. Jannik Hansen

    Wouldnt trust him in theplayoffs- a few seasons ago the shutdown line of Hansen, Kesler and Burrows was what was keeping us in the playoffs stoppeing us getting blown out the water. He is a brilliant shutdown player and will develop along the same lines as his previous 2 line mates- i could see it then and its now even more evident. Hansen is not a player you want to trade. Great value, great work ethic, can slot in up and down the lines, and now his hands have caught up he can also contribute offensively. I would still say if we were in game 7 of a playoff 1 goal up i would throw out Hanson, Kesler and Burrows to see out the game. Not just that the line would also be able to contribute offensivly if needed. Also that hit was an elbow and the puck crossed the blue line, it was bad officiating and lu calling for the penalty that caused thatgoal