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  1. The Rypien SJ made me tear up, absolutely amazing. Very powerful, and just overall good job. Thank you

  2. Can the season just start already?

    1. Sully2Cool


      Season starts again in 59 days.:)

  3. You're the best thing to happen to the prospect forums since Flinch.

  4. Date with my bed today, watching hurt locker, drinking soup.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      The Hurt Locker is an EXCELLENT flick!

    2. Canuckette_84


      Feel better... if you are feeling unwell that is.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Panax ginseng bud it is a miracle herb :)

  5. Love the sig.

  6. TBIF

    Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    2 million dollars well spent.
  7. TBIF

    Darren Archibald | RW/LW

    I wonder if thats where he was first noticed
  8. TBIF

    Darren Archibald | RW/LW

    Has anyone seen him play? Is he like our other prospect Steve Anthony?
  9. TBIF

    Darren Archibald | RW/LW

    11 points in 10 games with the Ice Dogs!
  10. Apologies for me being a bit of a douche quite awhile ago, I've seen a few of your latest posts and you seem to be a fan that actually thinks before he posts, it's nice to see around these parts!

  11. Thanks for posting the ESPN insider stuff! It's awesome to read sometimes!

  12. TBIF

    Jordan Schroeder Talk

    "Holden had tendons in his wrist severely severed. It's a miracle he could move his hand after the injury he suffered. He was highly-touted for his skills and likely would've had a pretty solid career had it not been for the permanent damage from the injury and the setbacks in development it caused. I also don't remember him being sold as a character pick quite as heavily as Hodgson." From a poster on the HF boards. He always seemed injured right after being drafted, it's a shame he couldn't amount to much. He's over a PPG player over seas though!
  13. TBIF

    Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I think Jordan will be a stud, I just got a kick out of this. Looking at some of the past HF articles, when Chubarov and Allen were our top prospects and guys like Reid and Smith were on their way up. Sure makes me feel good now.
  14. TBIF

    Jordan Schroeder Talk

    We all know his rank fell due to his lack of size, but because of his offensive potential we had to take him. I'm extremely excited and think he will be all of that. Something I stumbled across on HF made me laugh a bit, have a read. "During the 1996 NHL Draft, the Vancouver Canucks were pleasantly surprised to find Regina Pat centre Josh Holden still available when they drafted in the 12th spot. Ranked fourth by the Central Scouting Bureau, Holden saw his stock plummet because of his size. The Canucks, however, were willing to take a chance on Holden because of his offensive potential." Oh Josh Holden... *This is more joking around then anything, but made me think!*