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  1. *GASP*... !
  2. Welcome to the internet of several weeks ago :D

  3. I hope he was arrested...
  4. Hi sweety... hope you have a good day on the forums, huny bunches of oats!

  5. BURROWS... YEAH!!!
  6. I think we all should first get VERY drunk then round up Murph, tie him to a fence and break every bone in his body with our bare fists. While we're punching the living daylights out of him, we should all say variations of the same thing, "You filthy liar! Take it back! Burrows has 35!"
  7. "Hey, you said we were going to Wendys'!"

    "I lied."

  8. Look at those states indeed. All 50 of 'em.
  9. Pics or it never happened.
  10. Love your Sig Dude. I lvove The Lonely Island!