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  1. I'm gonna pass you in all-time posts soon.

  2. Clutch is actually Stephane Auger
  3. Thanks for the page visit yo.

  4. Beotch, im home soon, dust your nhl 09 off

  5. the mods should just pin this thread lmao
  7. Paranoid- Kanye West
  8. Phone Home - Weezy
  9. Robocop - Kanye
  10. Rocket Queen - Guns N' Roses
  11. i am glad someone got that
  12. wow lol are you actually cereal? Burrows can check the best players in the league, score prob 15-20 goals, pot another 20+ assists, while blocking shots being defensively responsible, one of our best PK'ers, works his a$$ off everyshift, good speed, decent shot, GREAT chemistry with Kesler which you say Kes i carrying this guy is so wrong Kes and Burr play so well of eachother remember how beginning of last year both Kes and Burr were doing ok not great then AV puts them together all of a sudden they both just start flying playing so well, Oh and Burr led our team in +/- last year, you rlly dont have any clue if you think Burrows isn't important to this team, and he's not gonna get 2 mil but for what he does 1.2-1.5 is fair oh and p.s. he annoys the ???? outta the top players in the league and gets them off their game that way too and he's a good leader
  13. Nick Likes The... i think you know where i am going with this Nick, can, can i call you back...