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  1. Getting DaleTallon instead of Gilbert Perreault
  2. Cannot believe what candy asses fans and players have become.A bunch of whining sniveling twata.....soccer pitch is over there>>>> Now boys lets get back to hockey please!
  3. The minute the left doesn't have everyone agreeing with the crap they peddle they shut down comments and break out the racism card. Racism isn't the problem the wholesale give away of our money and land to a few people is racism of the worst kind. It is our country we built it after we took it from a stone age culture that was doing nothing with it and no progressing out the stone age and now they want what we built and want more of our hard earned money to boot .
  4. in order to play run and gun you need a defence and with the likes of hamhus back there we're screwed.
  5. Don't really care stopped listening to 1040 the day they hired bro jake and turn their station completely into the joke it had been becoming since TSN bought it.
  6. He's not even good enough to break the Maple Laughs line up so I really don't think we need that .
  7. That's because they are all owned by Toronto and they can't believe we aren't Jays and Maple Laugh fans
  8. Come on he isn't sticking Virb on the third line Sutter will head to the third if Virt plays with Bo
  9. Please remember 1040 is now own by the Toronto Sports Network they are poorly manged enough to think Jake Edwards would make a good host. What did you really expect from this bozo enterprise....critical though....deep insight...knowledgeable commentary....come on this is a station based in the center of the universe where clear thought and real news are only a myth so do what I did turn them off and listen to some music.
  10. It's become a status thing to be seen at the games...way to many corporate weinies and not enough real fans anymore.