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  1. For the first part, im pretty sure lydia said that she would know which cart would contain the methylamine. As for the second part, i thought jesse measuring the train tracks was so that they would know where on the tracks to put the truck, forcing the train to stop where they want it so that the cart with the methylamine would be where they needed it to be.
  2. well, its pretty hard to top #2, but id definitely put it ahead of #1

  3. it's so good eh? the 1st and 2nd were better imo but 3 is still amamzing!

  4. uncharted!!!

    ive been playing that all day!

  5. A friend surprised me with tickets to the whitecaps game on october 2nd. I just wanted to know when i should be at bc place if the games scheduled to start at 1:30pm?
  7. thanks, i appreciate it :)

  8. awesome sig, where can i find the video of that?

  9. only if we want a bi-winner
  10. couldn't have said it better myself.
  11. thanks, right back at you!

  12. im finally done! good luck to you on your last exams, i hope you do well.

  13. exams have been pretty hard. i had physics yesterday, i just came home from my calc III final, and i have differential equations tommorow. i cant wait to finish tomorrows exam cuz then ill finally be free.

  14. are you stressing during finals as much as i am??

  15. perfect execution by gsp tonight.