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  1. hey..haven't talked to you for a while...hope you're doing okay!

  2. What are you listening to?

    The Fallen-Franz Ferdinand
  3. What are you listening to?

    If it's not heavy, fast and have some sort of screeching vulture for a lead singer, it's just not music.
  4. i just need discipline...maybe in more ways than one lol :P

  5. It's easy to get carried away though :P

  6. yeah but there is a minimum payment you can make and it can be cheap :P

  7. Credit card debt is a terrible

  8. aww i need a credit card :P

  9. You have to do it with a cedit card though.But it's worth it because it's already paid for AND it came with a t-shirt :P

  10. cool i didn't know you could do that :)

  11. I pre-ordered it through the bands record label.

  12. weird...i would have thought it would have been the store =/

  13. The post office down the street.No biggie.