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  1. [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    I would say that Benning and Linden jobs are dependent on the success of Green. (not my words guys on the radio) Benning and Linden have been at it for 3 years already, and if by year 5/6 (greens 2/3 year) there is not a significant improvement in player development or overall performance of the team all three will be scrapped.
  2. In a keeper pool, I would say dont take anything less then a top player and I mean top 5-6 kind of thing. Stamkos will hopefully be back you will have to just ride it out. Can you add drop players how often? I feel your pain I have Stamkos I was running away with yahoo fantasy head to head but now things have not looked so hot but we have 11 catagories and I just focus on the ones that I know I can win and goals, powerplay, shots not ones I can with out a guy like stamkos.
  3. I am doing a box style draft at work. No trades team is what it is. 1 point for forwards/dmen 2 for goalie win 1 for so 1 for otl. very basic stright forward, well so I thought who ever did the box up is a complet moron or geniues because I am stumped on some of them. I have posted up my suggested picks as I have tell 4pm(mtn) time to adjust my picks. 1. Stamkos 2. Perry 3. Kane 4. Kopitar 5. B.Ryan 6. Tavares 7. C.Stewart 8. M. Richards 9. T.Ennis (Hall,Lucic,Eberle,Couture,Benn) 10. (Gagne, Pominville, Tanguay) 11. Mcdonald (Bergeron,Weiss,Dubinsky) 12. Backes (Franzen,Brown, Cammalleri) 13. Umberger (JVR, Stafford, Boyes, Leino) 14. Visnovsky (Doughty,Boyle,Keith,Lidstrom) 15. Burns (Ehrhoff,Seabrook,Byfug) 16. Chara (Pronger,Sutter) 17. Edler 18. Kronwall (E.johnson,Wideman) 19. Bryzgalov 20. MA Fleury (as for goalies there are all there if any suggestions fire them out) I appreciate all the help. Look forward to seeing what you hockey guru's think
  4. Hows being a nux fan in Calgary going along??