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  1. he should get into one of the 3 games this weekend, most likely.
  2. he's not exactly a standout pick of the draft. that's for sure.
  3. avelanch

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    he was our 7th round pick in 2011... and we still retain his RFA status
  4. avelanch

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    it does, but we already had contract space (was 47, now 46) and subban's contract wouldn't be effective until next season anyway.
  5. avelanch

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    i'm guessing a SHL team came a knocking and he figured that would be a better opportunity than a 7th d-man position in the AHL.
  6. avelanch

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    looks like it might be a mutual thing to let henrik go back to sweden, for whatever reason....
  7. i believe the 30 day rule starts from the time that he first passed through waiver, so it's in effect already and it expires by the end of this month. after that he'd have to pass through waivers again before being sent back down.
  8. there's a very real possibility he goes to sweden soon. I'd rather he stay and markstrom traded, but we'll see.
  9. honestly, i can see eriksson going to sweden. or markstrom traded, or eriksson traded. somethings got to give, but i can say with confidence that it most likely wont be cannata going to the ECHL.
  10. he's at Yale and taking classes. he's not eligible to participate
  11. no more mouth fungus and minty fresh feet.
  12. Matt Beattie ‏@MattBeauttie13 9h Curious what's going to happen in my mouth after mixing up the toothpaste and athletes foot tubes
  13. In case anyone was wondering.